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Hello all,

I greatly appreciated reading the other Lasik posts here, and drew some good insights from them. I'm posting my own situation and would sincerely appreciate any responses from those with similar experience or knowledge. So, here goes.

--My bladeless Lasik was in early Jan 2013, and it is now almost 3 months later. Has been around 20/40 or 20/50 since then, and not improving further. I was at -3.50, am now at -0.50 according to my doc.

--I can read fine without reading glasses, but am encouraged to use them as it will help my eyes 'relax' and snap into the intended 20/20 vision. So I use 1.00 readers, but without much distance effect.

--Was put on Restasis for tear production (and sharpness) about 3 weeks ago. Definitely seem to be working as my eyes do not feel as dry as they did in Jan/Feb. But still not sharp vision.

--I travel a lot and 20/50 does not work well so I asked for and now have progressive bifocals, with a -0.50 correction up high, and reading magnification below. Still no change to my unaided distance sharpness.

--The surgeon won't consider the enhancement until at least 6 months following.

So, I'm very perplexed by this. I understand that our eyes need to heal and they do at different rates, etc., but my own eye doc says that I should be 20/20 by now.

Has anyone gone through a similar delay in their Lasik results? With either good or bad outcome?

Many thanks for any insights.


PS. I can recall the surgeon verbally calling out my power settings in surgery as around -3.00. When I asked later why not -3.50, they explain it away with correction such and such. Maybe this is a red herring, but I have to wonder...

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