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I had about -9.25 and -8.75 prescription when I got LASIK in 2004. I definitely experienced dry eye even with plugs I used for a couple of months.

Last week, I was knocking back an espresso, tilted my head back, and felt a strange sensation in my eye. Almost like a blood vessel popped. I drink a lot of coffee(8-10 cups a day) but I had a strange dizzy feeling and felt a weird sensation in my eyeball.

This week I am experiencing weird blurry vision in my left eye. I definitely think the vision in my right eye is better and it's mixed with a little blurriness from the left so my vision is a little foggy.

It's not as noticeble at times but i feel the haziness in bright light, staring at a monitor, and also in some dark conditions(less noticeable).

I am going to see my LASIK doctor on Tuesday but kind of nervous. I did see some phlegmy stuff(mucusy bits) in my eyeball but I removed them and I don't think that is contributing.

Do you know what could be causing this? I have not been getting a lot of rest lately but slept as much as I could and the symptoms did not go away.

I hope I don't have to get any touchups. I just feel a little depressed because I need my eyes for work. I am 39 and hope this isn't what usually happens with age and LASIK.

I also use Visine Tears DRY EYE drops a lot. Could these be contributing.



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