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NVM I was able to get my answer
You have a history of severe contact lens non compliance, a huge issue among contact lens wearers.

You have gone years without having the fit of the lenses checked, so you have no idea whether the fit may have become to tight, and whether the lenses were getting heavily deposited prior to the end of their prescribed wearing schedule, and worse yet you have symptoms consistent with a condition known as "corneal edema" which is associated with lack of proper circulation to the cornea commonly due to over wearing contact lenses.

This makes you a poor candidate for LASIK at this time.

Follow the recommended replacement schedule that your eye doctor has given you, get checked at 6 month intervals and you can consider LASIK down the road.

If you continue your present course of noncompliance you have much bigger issues to worry about then whether or not you can have elective surgery including but not limited to vision loss, scarring, and developing an intolerance to wearing contact lenses, to name a few.

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