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Hi. I too am trying to patiently wait for my right eye to clear up. I had Wavefront LASIK a little over 3 weeks ago. I was -3.50 in both eyes and had no astigmatism. Was told this would be a slam dunk procedure as my vision had been stable well over 6 years. Immediately following the procedure I had severe pain in my right eye & experienced a painful recovery with that eye for several days. My left eye was fine & I could see wonderfully. I could see ok out of my right, but I felt like I had a blob of Vaseline over my right eye. My vision was not only blurry, but cloudy. I called my dr & he said it was completely normal & my right was just healing (in my line of vision) and that it would get better. After 1 week it did. The cloudiness went away, but not the blurriest. At 1 week post LASIK, I was 20/20 in the left & 20/40 in the right. I don't feel like my right eye vision has improved at all. I'm using Restasis & drops regularly for dry eye. I know I need to be patient & give it time but my right eye vision is pullin' me down! If both eyes responded like my left I would be 100% satisfied!

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