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I posted here a while back and thought I would make a new thread.

My main concern after I got LASIK done (1/23/2013) was my left eye not seeing as sharp as my right eye at distance (greater than 15-20 feet). Obviously I need time to heal. About a month and a half after surgery my docter tested my eyes with the wavefront machine and various other methods and he concluded my left eye was a half diopter off (which he said is about as minimal as you can get). 2 weeks later I tested a 1/4 diopter off, which in his opinion isn't serious at all.

When I'm outside everything is great. When I'm in dimly lit rooms I notice it more.

For fun I like to play computer games. I didn't try playing for at least a month after surgery. However, when I did I would get a headache and it didn't feel right. I would almost get nauseous.

After testing my eyes it seems that my right eye (which is so good at far) is not very good up close. The exact opposite as my left eye. It's not like I can't see, but, you can definitely tell the difference. It's almost like it has a hard time focusing within 10 feet. I honestly can play computer games but I choose not to because it is so aggravating and all I can concentrate on is my vision not being [I]right[/I]. I work on the computer every day at work pretty much all day and it is not noticeable. I'm thinking because it's a well lit room and the fact that I'm not playing a fast paced game lol.

I know that it takes up to 6 months to heal, sometimes longer depending on the person...but has anyone experienced something like this?

Before you ask, I did not get monovision, I got custom wavefront lasik.

Before surgery my contact prescription was -5.75.

Is it just a matter of your brain getting used to it? If I have to get a touch up what eye should I get evened out? I obviously am still healing (about 2.5 months into recovery).

Any thoughts?

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