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[QUOTE=tchad111;5171052]I had Lasik surgery on both eyes over two months ago. I was told I would have dry eyes and not the best vision for 1 1/2 - 2 weeks. My eyes are extremely dry - I put drops in every half hour or so. Finally complained and I requested Restatesis for dry eyes and it has been over a month I have been using that. My doctor just keeps telling me to be patient and give it more time. First two more weeks, then 5 more weeks now two more months. I am so frustrated. i can't read close up or distance. I requested a prescription to get glasses again to get me through and I can't see out of them 95% of the time either. My doctor says I might need a tweak but we need to wait until my eyes stabilize but how do they expect you to live your life until then. I can't read, or drive, or paint or pay bills or do almost anything I did before. I just wish they would have told me the truth. I am terrified I will be stuck this way. Do I now trust my doctor NO, do I get another opinion? I have no idea what to do. I had to drop on online college class, my painting class, my social groups. This is by far the worst decision I have done in my 57 years. Anyone else experienced this and what was the outcome, I am almost afraid to ask? I can't even grab a pair of glasses and put them on to see. I have to hit the CTRL key and the + key and blow up my screen so large to even be on the computer. To those that are considering this, please read, read and do more research. I for on would never advise anyone to do this again. And I know, I have read how you have to be "patient" because you are healing. But try sitting starring at the walls for over two months and see how patient you are. Any advise is greatly appreciated ![/QUOTE]

Hi I hope things improve for you, I know how desperate you must feel. I had Lasik done 12 months ago (aged 59) with a very high prescription and suffered badly from dry eyes. Also had problems seeing anything close up. Unfortunately, the doctors do gloss over the period it takes to recover, for some it may well be quick but for others it can be a long process. Initially I could do nothing, Watching TV was too difficult, I could not use the computer or drive. I became very depressed. 12 months on, things are very much better. I still have dry eyes and need to take drops but not as frequently as before ( now roughly every three/four hours during the day. At the start it was every half hour and I was in still in pain) and it is a lot better than it was and I am now able to get on with my life. For me it was a slow process and I would have to say that I saw very little improvement for the first 8 months and it has really only been in the last three that I have noticed real improvements. A nurse who had also had eye laser surgery informed me that for her it took nearly 24 months before she fully healed! At two/nine months, I would have said that it was the worst decision that I ever made but now I am starting to feel a lot more positive over it. Consider using: heated eye gel pads, particularly before sleeping. Also consider having temporary plugs inserts, this will help retain tears drops. You will read some real horror stories on the web pages and regrettably some people do not improve but most do over time. This industry does need to be better regulated to provide people with all the facts and the real risks in having this surgery however for you and I that is too late and you need to accept that it could be many months before you truly get your life back to how it was. Good Luck

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