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[QUOTE=Merville;5174554]Hi I hope things improve for you, I know how desperate you must feel. I had Lasik done 12 months ago (aged 59) with a very high prescription and suffered badly from dry eyes. Also had problems seeing anything close up. Unfortunately, the doctors do gloss over the period it takes to recover, for some it may well be quick but for others it can be a long process. Initially I could do nothing, Watching TV was too difficult, I could not use the computer or drive. I became very depressed. 12 months on, things are very much better. I still have dry eyes and need to take drops but not as frequently as before ( now roughly every three/four hours during the day. At the start it was every half hour and I was in still in pain) and it is a lot better than it was and I am now able to get on with my life. For me it was a slow process and I would have to say that I saw very little improvement for the first 8 months and it has really only been in the last three that I have noticed real improvements. A nurse who had also had eye laser surgery informed me that for her it took nearly 24 months before she fully healed! At two/nine months, I would have said that it was the worst decision that I ever made but now I am starting to feel a lot more positive over it. Consider using: heated eye gel pads, particularly before sleeping. Also consider having temporary plugs inserts, this will help retain tears drops. You will read some real horror stories on the web pages and regrettably some people do not improve but most do over time. This industry does need to be better regulated to provide people with all the facts and the real risks in having this surgery however for you and I that is too late and you need to accept that it could be many months before you truly get your life back to how it was. Good Luck[/QUOTE]

did you have glare, halo and starburst at night? do u still see them now? I am waiting for my halo, glare to disappear, so far, I am one month post op and I haven't noticed any improvement in halo and glare. I would love to hear your feedback about halo and glare you experienced. thanks
[QUOTE=tchad111;5179283]I am now almost three months out and still have the glare and the halos. I also can't see with or without glasses most days. It is very depressing. My doctor says as soon as we get my eyes to "stabilize" he will do a tweak. At this point I am not sure I trust him. I go back every month and have my vision checked and it is never the same from one month to the next. I am using 2.00 reading glasses right now and everything is blurry. This is the single worst decision I have made in my life. Do you mind if I age your age? I am curious if the results are worst after 40 or not. It seems there are far more people out there having trouble than the doctors admit there are. Good luck to you. I hope your experience is better than mind.[/QUOTE]

Hi, I had Halos, glare and starbursts to keep my dry eyes company after LASIK! Initially the halo effect appeared in daylight as well the night giving people and objects a halo around them. Glare and starbursts was bad enough to prevent me from driving in the evening as I deemed it too dangerous. For me the halo effect started to improve after around three months and was no longer a problem after circa 6 months. I still have issues with glare and starburst at night but it is no where near as bad as it was and I am now content to drive again at night. It has now been 12 months since my LASIK and I not sure if the glare/startbursts will ever get reduce to pre-lasik days, but I would have to say that aspect is not a major issue any longer for me. I do need reading glasses +2 but I was warned about this prior to the op. Initially my short vision was terrible, everything was a blur within 6 feet but again this has improved a lot over the 12 months too and I can see without glasses close objects and use the glasses for sharpness. But as I am now just turned 60 I assume reading glasses would have eventually been needed anyway. As previously stated I believe the recovery period is much, much longer than the industry is willing to admit too and longer term issues do effect some. Stronger laws need to be put in place to provide people with all the facts and risks to allow an educated decision to be made. Regrettably we all accepted the hype and went ahead, excuse the pun, with our eyes shut! At three months I was desperate and deeply depressed but at 12 months I am much more positive although I still have issues with dryness but again no where near as bad as it was at 3 and 6 months.

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