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I think it gets better all of a sudden, could be a long time of no improvement. I agree with you, had i had better information upfront i would have stuck with contacts because i was happy with my vision with no risky side effects. I had lasik bc i thought it was pretty low risk, and i was worried about getting old and not being able to wear contacts. My mom has really bad dry eye naturally, if that were to happen to me then no more contacts. Glasses were really uncomfortable and lasik is for sure better than that for me.

Here is my timeline:
Right eye: near vision was not good for 4-6 weeks. Has a few floaters and starbursts under some light. Overall sees crisp and clear.

Left eye: overall consistently bad for first 4 months. Now its starting to fluctuate. I break it down into near, mid, far vision, night vision, tv guide vision, and side vision. Never had haze but overall vision just wasnt clear or crisp. Glare caused a big problem in the first 3-4 months.
- far vision: clear from the start, but road sign vision improved by about 4 months.
- mid vision. I consider my computer to about 20 feet away as mid. Big objects are fine. Details are where it was difficult, smeary, blurry. Different types of details cleared up at different points in time. The tv guide / info screens on tv are still hard to read but have definitely improved. Computer clock and computer text improved at about that same 4 month mark. I think it is still in flux but on the upward swing to getting better.
- near vision. Normal size print is mostly fine but reading on bottles and iphone was terrible. At 4 month point it started to fluctuate. Now it goes in and out. I think the eye is overcorected and has astigmatism. At 4 month point overcorrectiom seemed nearly gone, now i think it is coming and going. It is maddening becaue sometimes these near details are blurry and others they are sharp and crisp. This can change moment to moment or over periods of hours or days.
- night vision. Same as right eye
- tv guide. The text is hard to read but has improved.
- side vision. I have a blur on the peripheral side of my vision that is now fluctuating from not too bad to horrible for no apparent reason. This is the most troubling bc doctor has no clue what it is. Deer in headlights - has no idea what to say or do bc it doesnt fit neatly into their business model. I now need to get a second opinion on my own dime and my own efforts.
The reason why I did my lasik was because I failed the police officer medical exam, and they say that in order to pass, you have to pass the vision exam. so I went ahead and book the consultation and took the plunge with the Lasik. The first three weeks were the worst, I was so depressed that I felt into self anger and regrets. Now I feel somewhat better than before, I guess I have accepted it somehow, but then there are those bad days I feel regretful.

did you also have light sensitivity? and did it go away for you? are u still wearing sunglasses whenever you are outside? I feel like I must wear polorized sunglasses when outdoor, otherwise I will see few tiny floaters in my left eyes, the sunglasses not only does it block out the light sensitivity but it diminishes the floaters as well.

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