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Hi, I am new to this forum, I am writing because I did my lasik on april 19, it's been one month since my lasik. my both eyes are 20/20 now, some of the side effects I had since lasik are glare, halo, small starbursts at night. I noticed that I am also more light sensitive when I am outside, I have to wear sunglasses whenever I am outside. Another thing I have is when I am under dim lighted floursant light, I can't see very clear. I feel like it's missing details. I can see clearly when it's sunny day but it's definitely not what it used to be with glasses. When will the side effect go away? Another thing, I went to my eye doctor three days ago and he says that the reason why I have halo and glare is because of dry eyes, but my eyes does not feel dry. what is causing glare and halo in my eyes? thanks
[QUOTE=whiskeythekid;5177234]It takes a long time for ur eye to "heal". I am still going through a bunch of sight distortions at 5 months out. 1 month is really early on. Despite what they tell you prior to surgery and all of your friends forgetting how the recovery period was, it takes a while. Some people are fine in a few weeks ~6 weeks as far as vision clarity, others take many more months to years. There is no way to know, you have to wait. Hard to do.[/QUOTE]

sorry to hear that you still are going through 5 months of sight distortion, ya, my doctor told me that everyone heals differently. as far as my vision clarity is concerns, I can see 20/20 with both eyes, which is something I am happy about. But I didn't know about the side effects prior to surgery, my doctor told me that I won't get halo and glare, he even reassured me. If I knew it was going to be like this, I would have just stick to the glasses. It's just every morning I wake up, and I don't see my eyes getting better, I get kinda depressed. I mean doesn't it get better day by day? or it gets better all of a sudden?
Based from my research online and I have spoken to other people in real life, they say that in general, after lasik, light sensitivity will be like this forever. For the halo and glare, if I were to give it based from a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst, I will probably rate myself 4, its not terrribly bad to the point where I can't function at night. It's very annoying. The day before yesterday, I took my car for a test drive at night, I was driivng on a two way street, I just want to get a sense of feel of how my eyes see when an oncoming car is driving my direction. It was okay, I could see the cars and the people. I guess what I am trying to say is that I could drive in the car, just that I have to be more cautious now. BTW, I work as a delivery guy, that's my job. I have been unemployed for the past two months. =(

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