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[QUOTE=blurryeyez;5177755]I am almost 5 months post LASIK and will be going to see my optometrist later this week.

Pre-op, I was:
OD: S-6.50 C+0.75 A 108
OS: S-7.00 C+1.50 A 066

During my post-op follow ups, they say I am at 20/20 now.

In reading a number of posts here and other's experiences, I know it may be to premature to say that it has been a huge success since I still seem to be healing.

There are days where I don't complain about my eyes at all and others where I would have preferred to go back to glasses.

I started using Blink tears again 2 weeks ago after about 2 months of not using them. Though right now and for the past day or so, I have not had to use them.

My concerns:
There are times when my right eye seems to have some sort of blurriness to it. Not sure if that is the best way to describe it. Sometimes it seems like haze. It used to be only towards the evenings, but now it will be on and off at any time of day or night.

Sometimes, when I come in from outdoors during the day, I will experience this blurry/hazy feeling. I have a feeling it is coming from my right eye. Though when I cover it and try to look at the same objects in the distance, the blurry/haze feeling isn't there any more.

I thought I was going to be able to pinpoint a time of day or environment (indoors/outdoors/florescent light etc...) that this occurred but no dice.

Can anyone else relate to this and let me know your experience? At what point should I be concerned and go back to the surgeon for a consult on this?

For those of you who have done an enhancement, is there a similar recovery time each time a procedure is done? Does it have the same burning feeling shortly after the surgery? What about driving home the same day after surgery, is that possible?[/QUOTE]

Hi There,
I;m only 3 weeks post op but experiencing the exact same as you and also wondering how long it takes to settle, dont get me wrong I haven't used glasses since the op but that blur in my right eye is annoying, it would be nice to know how long it takes to settle but it sounds like we're all different in the time it takes, basically I'm 63 and experiencing the same problems as you, so if there's any one out there with any helps tips etc please send us a post,

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