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Hi everyone-

I had Femto second lasik done on both eyes on April 19. I had -4.50 in left eye and -5.50 in right eye. The first two days after surgery were great --I could see great and no issues. On the third day I started feeling like there was something in my right eye. I went back to the doctor on day 4 and she said she saw a foreign body and tried to remove it. She said it fell off and put me on antibiotics, but said my corneas and the flap were crystal clear. Two days later I still felt something and went back. She said it was still there (on the outside of my cornea) and this time used drops to numb my eye and removed it 100%. I was told to continue on the antibiotics (and steriods FML-T) and refresh drops for one week. I was a little freaked out, but was convinced that it would heal. However, the right eye continued to be problematic. I went back a week later and she said I was still dealing with dry eyes and changed my drops around --she said the scratch from the foreign body had healed nicely. I waited another week, but at this point the anxiety had set in and I went back at week three because the right eye was still bothersome --foreign body sensation, occasional pain. It was difficult to focus at work and staring at the computer all day made my eyes worse. She said to give it time. She told me to stop the FML-T in the right eye and just use it for one more week in the left. I went back again at 4 weeks because the pain was getting worse --the left eye seemed fine- only occasionally dry, but at this point the anxiety had become worse. I am one fish oil, flaxseed supplements, vitamins, chinese herbs and was using the drops every hour, plus tons of water. At four weeks she put me on restasis and made an appointment for me with the other doctor who also performed the surgery. One week on the restatis didn't really do anything. Right eye even more irritated (a small red spot developing). At five weeks (two days ago) the new doctor did a full work up on the dry eyes and the situation. My Schirmer test scores were 12 and 13, and the TBUT was 10. He said I didn't really have dry eyes, my right eye actually was seeing better than my left, but there was inflammation in my right eye. He couldn't say what was causing the inflammation --he said some people react differently to the laser or it could be from the dryness. He said it wasn't an infection though. He gave me Pred forte, which he said I should take for three weeks (3xday for first week and then taper down), told me to continue with the restatis, and use Genteal gel at night. After two days I do notice less pain and irritation, but still sense something in my right eye. My eyes still feel pretty crappy (although less dry) and the right eye still has the red spot (this is not from the suction ring). The left eye also looks a bit more red, albeit not bothersome. Computers and A/C make the problem worse. I've lost five pounds since this ordeal and feel like I've become increasingly anxious. I've been trying to stop myself from being upset and thinking worst case scenarios, but have been finding it difficult. Any advice on why only one eye would be so bothersome or why the spot is getting bigger--or any thoughts on this at all would be most helpful.
Many thanks!

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