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Hi Jbc3

I have almost the same sintoms that you are talking about. I did PRK surgery 3 years ago, just once, but the results are that my non-dominant eye(left eye) is fully corrected and the dominant eye is a litle blurry. This results make my non-dominant eye see better, and my brain doesnt accept it. It cause all the systoms you said.

I already tried a lot of lens, soft lens, RGPs lens, Scleral lens, i already traveled to USA to try a scleral lens with a famous doctor(I Live in Brazil), but none fully helped. Some lens was very uncorfotable and other dont give a good vision.

Im planning now try to do an enhancement in the dominant-eye to try fully correct it and take back my better vision in the right eye.
The only way i think could resolve th problem is this or try to worse the non-dominant eye, but im scared of this second way.

You already thinked in try to do an enhancement in the dominant eye to full correct it ? I think it could help.

I already tried to cover the non-dominant eye to try increase the vision in the dominant eye, but it doesnt helped.

Good luck in your choices !! Dont give up, you will take your life back !!

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