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I share the same problem , I had the blended vision Lasik PRK 3 weeks ago, in order to get rid of my reading glasses ( 1.75) , the doctor corrected my dominant eye ( left) to the near, and the right eye for distance, I ended up reading small scripts but the distant vision is blurry , as if I have traded my long sightedness with short one.
In my 2nd week visit to the doctor he said my weak distant vision and astigmatism is temporary as my eyes are still in the healing process and due to dry eyes , he perscribed I use the eye solutions more often.
When I asked him why he corrected the dominant eye ( left ) for the near, he said it doesnt matter as the mind will gradually adapt and the eye dominance will gradually change from left eye to the right eye .
Now and after 3 weeks , no significant improvement, the distant vision is still blurry , my dominant eye is still the left eye and my mind is still preferring its images.
Please let us know if your distant vision have improved and whether the dominant eye have changed?!!!
eye have changed with time , and how much time it takes to

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