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Hello - I am extremely frustrated with my blended vision and wonder if anyone shares has my particular issues, and if so, what they have found helpful.

I had PRK over 2 years ago, and a subsequent enhancement over 1 year ago. It's a long story, but my NON-dominant eye is fully corrected for distance: zero refractive error, 20/15. Whereas my dominant eye is undercorrected: -1.00, somewhere around 20/25 to 20/30.

Words cannot fully describe how unsettling and uncomfortable this has been for me. I realized within the first two weeks that it would have been much better had my dominant eye been enhanced for distance, with the non-dominant eye remaining undercorrected. (which is what is normally done) This has affected me physically and psychologically in ways I never would have expcted.

Does anyone else have this kind of vision, and if so, can they share what has been helpful to them? Below are some of my issues/experiences:

I am in my early 40s. I don't technically "need" reading glasses yet. But, I wear them anyway for comfort, otherwise it's too hard to stay focused. (I wear a pair with only one lens, for the fully corrected eye). My dominant "near" eye just doesn't seem strong enough to pick up the slack in terms of near-vision activity, and the fully corrected non-dominant eye feels stiff, useless, and uncomfortable, like it's in the way. In addition to wearing the reading glasses for reading & computer work, I tend to wear them around the house, to even out the eyes. But it's not the same.

During the first month after the enhancement, I had a really hard time keeping my head up straight, in fact it was physically almost impossible. My neck posture was terrible for most of this past year, and it took me awhile to figure out why: Having a stronger non-dominant eye actually requires me to hold my head differently. It's like when you exercise and discover obscure muscles that you didn't know you had. I spent 40 years holding my head a certain way, without being aware, and now I have to hold it differently, and my body still isn't used to it. No matter what I'm doing -- working at a computer, or talking to a friend, or taking a walk -- it's like my neck muscles are fighting each other, still trying to figure out what to do, and it's distractingly uncomfortable, even painful!

I really, really miss my undercorrected non-dominant eye. If I could undo the enhancement and just buy distance glasses, I would. I don't tolerate contacts due to dry eyes (hence the surgery), but I'm considering trying to find some that I can tolerate, just so that I can feel like myself again. My eyes are not doing what they do best, and this vision is depressing, uncomfortable and unenjoyable. Focusing intently on anything - near or far - is uncomfortable to some degree. I don't think I've had one day in the last year where I haven't been distracted by my vision. I'm wondering if I will continue to adjust, or if this is it. I initially considered enhancing my dominant eye, to fully correct them both, and wore glasses to test that -- but found that uncomfortable too.

This situation was completely preventable, if only I'd tested this longer than I did before having the enhancement. So to anyone considering having their vision corrected to something they haven't had before -- test it out, thoroughly!!
Hi earthworm,

Thank you for your quick and thoughtful reply. Appreciate the suggestions! Will try to address them below, sorry this is so lengthy.

Itís a long story, but the surgeonís original intent in the first surgery was to fully correct my dominant eye. However, it healed under-corrected. PRK can take up to one year for your vision to fully stabilize. Prior to the initial surgery, my eyes were in the range of Ė2.00 to Ė2.25. One year after the initial surgery, my dominant eye was Ė1.00 and the non-dominant eye was Ė1.25. As the first year drew to a close, I knew I was under-corrected, but had lost perspective as to exactly how much. The surgeonís office said that they had seen cases where towards the end of the year, the vision would suddenly improve, so it was like a waiting game until that first year was up. The question of whether the surgeon would do an enhancement was iffy, up until my one-year post-op appointment. I had the impression he might not. Their office normally doesnít do enhancements, because their surgeries normally turn out the way they are supposed to.

My non-dominant eye had always been the stronger distance eye, prior to surgery. Just not by very much. Because of that fact, and because the correction in the dominant eye did not fully ďtake,Ē I thought (mis-guidedly) that it would be a good idea to enhance the non-dominant eye. I tested it with a contact for a few days then opted to go forward. I didnít have much time to decide, if I wanted the enhancement done for free.

A few days isnít NEARLY long enough to test something of this nature. Seems like such a no-brainer in hindsight. I knew Iíd made a mistake within the first 2 weeks after the enhancement surgery. There are so many things that were just not apparent within those 3 testing days, that became apparent later.

I believe the head and neck issues are a result of the enhancement Ė it seems there are muscles involved in eye focus that I really was not aware of. Prior to the enhancement, those muscles were still doing what they were used to doing. Post-enhancement, they were not. It took me about a year to understand what muscles were involved, and I still experience various headache-type symptoms at times, but not as often as I used to. In fact, just very recently, this issue has improved greatly. Itís as if my body is finally ďgetting it.Ē

In my last post I said that I wondered if I would continue to adjust to this. I should clarify that I do notice improvements recently, but itís very back-and-forth. Iíll feel encouraged one day, and discouraged the next. After I made that post, I started investigating whether itís possible to change eye dominance (some web sites say yes, some say no). I started working on ďtrainingĒ my non-dominant eye (for example, covering my dominant eye and pointing at distant objects, then practicing uncovering the eye and keeping focus, etc). That has actually helped a lot in terms of focusing on distant things.

What *hasnít* really improved much is that I still feel like I have a different personality, like Iím still not myself. I still feel less focused; spacier; less intelligent; less vibrant. The non-dominant (fully corrected) eye feels stupid, for lack of a better word. Some of this is due to presbyopia, but I donít think it would bother me nearly so much if it were the dominant eye. Itís hard to explain. It just feels ďwrong,Ē and that feeling of ďwrongnessĒ just pops up all of the time, and it casts this weird pall over everything.

I pretty much chose the WORST vision I could have, for the things I spend a lot of time doing. I read a lot. I work at a computer all day. I play piano. For quite awhile I wondered if Iíd basically killed my future of doing full-time computer work. Iím still not entirely sure that I havenít. Itís not that I canít read the stuff on the computer, itís that I donít enjoy it as much and feel less skilled at it, because the eyes are not as suited for it as they were before the enhancement (itís so obvious yet hard to describe), and I lose focus so much more easily. Glasses help, but not enough. And again, I donít believe I would feel this way had I enhanced the dominant eye instead of the non-dominant. Itís more like an eye injury than an improvement, and so not even remotely worth it. Ridiculous!! It just makes me so mad.

I havenít ruled out contacts, but I suspect that would open up other frustrations and hassles. I really, really donít do well with them. Iím not quite ready to give up yet but may investigate contacts in the future. I just dearly wish I had the option to go back and make a different choice (I would have enhanced the dominant eye instead, or done no enhancement at all). Meanwhile I was curious if anyone else had experienced any of these same things, and/or how long it took them to fully adjust.

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