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Hello ladies and gents, I'm in a bit of a conundrum here and would certainly appreciate your feedback.

I recently had a Lasik consultation with a local eye clinic here. The Doctor has some 40,000 surgeries to his name with less than 0.2% enhancement rate which is somewhat comforting. However my eye prescription at the moment is -10.5 right and -9 left and I'm only 27 years old. I was told I have 500 microns of good, workable Cornea. They invited me again today after initial consultation so they can do another refractive check, and then I was introduced to the doctor,

He suggested due to personal reasons he likes at least 300 microns bit of layer left (FDA is 250), but he may go a bit deeper and settle for 280. He also asked me to consider PRK. They told me they will be running my file through some machines (technical jargon I couldn't get) and see if they can safely perform Intralase in my case with results I am happy with.

Now even with my prescription I have terrible eyesight. I barely passed my driving test and instead of putting lives in danger I really wish to make a change. I have heard stories, both good and horrible but I am still interested in going through with this. My problem is I have full time classes and I work as a freelancer therefore PRK is out of question. Is 500 microns really not enough to improve my sight? Nobody offers guarantees but I am told with the best possible outcome they will get me 20/30 or even 20/20 if things go our way. Oh and so far they are charging me $2500 per eye... isn't this a bit too steep?

Any suggestions/tips/things to be wary of? Thank you very much for reading this and for your time.

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