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A. U cant get lasik the math doesnt work. 500 - 100 flap - 180 cornea carve out for your high prescription puts you at 220. Plus you have much higher risk of needing an enhancement which you wont be able to do

B. prk is ur option. Even with that you are really close to 320 in the end.

C. If you cant see well with contacts or glasses, you wont see better with these surgeries. First explore getting the right eyewear to where you can see properly.

D. There are a ton of risks with both lasik and prk that doctors really gloss over and so do your friends who have had it. You just need to know the right questions to ask. I didnt know and wish i had found these boards in advance so consider yourself fortunate. These surgeries are part science part gamble bc there are various problems which can be permanent and for all the careful screening in the world the doctors cant solve these problems. Here is your short list:

1. Surgical. Low risk if u choose skilled surgeon
2. Recovery risks like epithelial in-growth, inflammations, infections: unknown risk to me
3. Temporary dry eyes: high risk nearly 50% have them for 3-18 months. Dont discount this as i did, dry eyes can impact quality of vision and are very very uncomfortable all day and night.
4. Permanent dry eyes: risk level is unknown, there is no cure, there is no way to pre-screen for this. Just look in your grocery store at all the dry treatments now available - people have dry eye from lasik.
5. Temporary Night vision: glare halos starbursts any combination of this. High risk can last anywhere from 3-18 months.
6. Permanent night vision: risk level unknown. If its caused by refractive error then eyewear fixes, if by permanent dry eye then ur sol, if by irregular cornea induced by the laser burning your eye out then scleral gigantic hard contact lenses
7. Worse or different vision then you have with correction now for example you could get to plano but get an astigmatism from the laser. Or lose a line on the eye chart or see all the lines but it be uncrisp or fuzzy permanently.
8. Overcorrection - this is worse than undercorrection , being farsighted in our near doing world is bad. Risk of under or overcorrection at skilled clinics is probably 5-10% on average, with ur prescription aim to the high end of that range or maybe even higher.
9 better or same vision as you have now with correction is also possible. Thats what ur hoping for - you may or may not get this and you may or may not achieve it plus get problems on top. Many people have good results, but in that crowd make sure to ask about their night vision, near vision, any blurry vision, and dry eyes. You will be surprised as i have been to find a some folks who love their vision but who are living with some degree of night vision issues for example.
10. Long term problems like ectasia . Risk is really negliglible if you are screened properly for pre-existing conditions and u r not an eye rubber.

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