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I had Intralase Blade free Lasik 5 weeks ago today. I was mildly near sighted with astigmatism in both eyes. I don't have what my prescription was written down right now. My eyes were bad enough I couldn't drive without glasses. Also if I was on the beach with my young ones I had trouble telling them apart from the other kids without my glasses. But now I realize I was probably better off with glasses!!!!

So I did my research on choosing a doctor and picked one that was highly recommended. He is not just a LASIK surgeon, but does other kinds of cornea and cataract surgeries.

So ever since the day of the surgery my left eye has been perfect. Great distance vision with great clarity. But my right eye is a different story. It is slightly blurry in the distance, which drives me nuts. On my follow up appointment the day and week after the doctor said my right eye is still slightly myopic. And due to my age, 42, this may benefit me so I won't need reading glasses for a while. Also my right eye has been extremely dry, and stil is. Plus my right eye is my dominant one. Although on all of my follow ups they say I am 20/20.

So for my dry eyes the doctor has put in a puntal plug in the lower lid, I am taking omega 3s, drinking an obscene amount of water, using hot compresses, and using preservative free drops like mad!!! So I have a few questions for all of you that have had LASIK.

1. Did you experience dry eye at the 5 week mark like me, and did it eventually go away? If so were you on Restasis, and did it help? I am going back to see my doctor tomorrow again for dry eye. I have a feeling he is going to put me on Restatis. But I am worried that if I get on it, I will never get off.

2. I believe my right eye still has a slight bit of astigmatism, which is causing the blurriness in the distance. At 5 weeks postop is there still a chance this will work itself out? I know that your final vision could take 3 months to settle out, but how much have people seen it change in the months following LASIK?

3. Could it just be the dry right eye causing the bluriness far away? If it was dry eye wouldn't it cause my close up vision to be blurry too?

At this point even if I am slightly undercorrected in my right eye there is no way I am gonig for an enhancement. I will just deal with it, or wear glasses. Those would be some expensive glasses!!!!!

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