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My eyes are dry from lasik 6 months ago. For some people i guess me and between 20-50% others it can take longer than 6 months for full tear function to kick back in.

One of my eyes sees well the other goes in and out of blurry on fine details like near text and the cable guide. It was worse in the beginning and has improved some over time but still is not consistent. Which apparently one possible cause is dryness.

So yes i would agree that if its dryness it should happen at all distances.

That said i think astigmatism lasik takes longer to get your true final vision than lasik for nearsighted. 5 weeks is early on.

I tried restasis it wasnt helpful but there could be many reasons why. A. I didnt have dryness for the reasons that it corrects - because mine was caused by lasik B.. i read somewhere that it only works on 10% of dry eye - thats a weird stat you could look up and find out if its true or not. My mom's eye doctor told her the stat.

Also even if its not caused by dryness, its best to try to tackle dryness aggressively.

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