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Has anyone else experienced this after LASIK? I am 42 years old and had myopia. After LASIK it seems that my non-dominant eye is slightly overcorrected at +0.25 and my dominant eye is slightly undercorrected at -0.25. This seems to be opposite what would happend if you chose monovision. Thought the amounts would be different. But now I notice if I am on the computer for a bit and then look up in the distance, my dominant eye is very blurry. The non-dominant eye is fine. The blurriness usually goes away after 5-10 minutes. But my dominant eye then feels strained even after this. At the eye doctor they had me read the really small print for presbyopia and I could read it. The doctor thinks I may need computer glasses, but I am 6 weeks post surgery. He wants to hold off a bit more in case my prescription changes a little bit more.

Also my dominant eye has been extremely dry since the day of the surgery. It also watered and felt a stinging sensation the day of the surgery. It also had the red blood vessels. To this day I think I can still see where the suction ring went on in the whites of my eyes. My non-dominant eye has not given me a single problem. If both eyes were like this I would be pleased, but it has been hell with the other eye.
Whiskey, how long has it been
since your surgery? I can read the 20/15
line on the chart with both eyes, but
it is really blurry. I just worry that I
am going to be one of those horror
stories that end up with a dry eye

I swear I can still see the suction
ring from the surgery and this
is the area that is the driest.

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