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Well if the industry was actually providing proper information then you could have made an informed decision. Instead you thought that you were choosing between assisted eye sight vs unassisted eye sight being considered as equals give or take some operation risks at time of lasik.

That said, you are actually pretty early and alot can change in the coming months.

Despite my current problems, i had many more at the 1-2 month point. Here are some:
1. Side vision was blurry in left eye. That started to clear at around 4 months then fluctuated between horrible and improved. Now i hardly notice it because it is virtually gone. I dont want to get too excited though because it could return...

2. Glare was worse. I dont mean starbursts, i mean glarey light on the microwave buttons for example. Its improved

3. Lots of text at any distance were blurry. Now its more clear than not but it still fluctuates a little.

My dry eye feels like raw eyes eg if you went snowboarding with no goggles. Sometimes it can just be in the corner of the eye and other times its all over. But its not all the time. Every day maybe for a few hours or less. Like right now my right eye is normal, left feels a little mentholish. And usually not both eyes at the same time. i got the feeling of something in my eye like an eyelash when i would use the eye drops. The visual results of it are:
1. Left eye fluctuating vision
2. Starbursts in low light when viewing some lights at a distance of lets say 15-20 feet. These fluctuate alot. For example, last night i woke up in the middle of the night and had none as i walked around my house in the darkness, but before i went to bed they were present. Its all tear film i think.

Also forgot to mention before that i started wearing clear construction glasses while on the computer and it helps a ton with dryness. Not the kind that look like scuba gear :) . The ones i have been wearing look like regular plastic glasses and are clear including the ear pieces.

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