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Whiskey, what did your dry eye doctor tell you the problem was? Are you not producing enough tears, or are your tears not producing enough oil? Did he mention Restatis?

I am severly stressed out from all of this. I have been losing weight and can't sleep at night. It is a daily struggle to get my work done on the computer. When my doctor mentioned dry eyes I said what do you do about that. He said, oh we just put plugs in. Well guess what. I have had them in for 6 weeks and they aren't doing a thing. I am so angry at myself for not researching this more before having it done. I am not sure how I will get through the rest of my life if I have to look through these eyeballs.

Also I told my doctor I couldn't wear contact lenses because they bothered my eye. He never once mentioned because of dry eyes. I just want to scream. Maybe I could deal with it a little better if I had perfect vision, but I don't.

I fell like I am going to end up in glasses for distance, computer use, and reading. What an epic mistake this was.

But the wierd thing is I have been back to see my local optometrist and he checked my eyes for dryness. He said they don't really look dry. But then I have days like this where it feels like someone is poking me in the eye with their finger all day long!

What to you guys dryness feel like? Is it the sandpaper, eyelash feeling. Or the burning sensation?

God I wish I could go back in time and just put my glasses back on, and then take them off when I read on the computer.

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