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Has anyone else experienced this after LASIK? I am 42 years old and had myopia. After LASIK it seems that my non-dominant eye is slightly overcorrected at +0.25 and my dominant eye is slightly undercorrected at -0.25. This seems to be opposite what would happend if you chose monovision. Thought the amounts would be different. But now I notice if I am on the computer for a bit and then look up in the distance, my dominant eye is very blurry. The non-dominant eye is fine. The blurriness usually goes away after 5-10 minutes. But my dominant eye then feels strained even after this. At the eye doctor they had me read the really small print for presbyopia and I could read it. The doctor thinks I may need computer glasses, but I am 6 weeks post surgery. He wants to hold off a bit more in case my prescription changes a little bit more.

Also my dominant eye has been extremely dry since the day of the surgery. It also watered and felt a stinging sensation the day of the surgery. It also had the red blood vessels. To this day I think I can still see where the suction ring went on in the whites of my eyes. My non-dominant eye has not given me a single problem. If both eyes were like this I would be pleased, but it has been hell with the other eye.
Went to my local optometrist for a checkup the other day. He said right eye is Plano with -0.5 astigmatism and left eye is +0.25 with -0.5 astigmatism. So he said that the +0.25 in the left eye is why I see better in the distance and the astigmatism in the right eye is causing the blurriness. He also held the card in front of me with the really small letters and I could still read the smallest line. So he is not exactly sure why my right eye gets really blurry in the distance after reading for a while on the computer. He suggested reading glasses and they do seem to help with the strain when using the iPhone. I was hoping to avoid reading glasses for a few more years, but I guess not.

The one thing that irks me is the last time I met with the LASIK surgeon I asked if I had any astigmatism and he said NO!! I only 7 weeks out, so hopefully the right eye will catch up. But at this point I am doubtful.
I am actually going to see a doctor in Boston this Tuesday for a second opinion on my dry eye issue. But I have actually been on vacation all of last week and the dryness seems to have gotten better. It is usually just really dry in the morning. But I am not getting my hopes up too much yet. I will wait to see what this doctor says.

Deeseclyde, I actually have the opposite problem as you. My non dominant eye was overcorrected a bit. So I see really good far in that eye. I also have left over astigmatism in each eye. So when the lights go low my dominant eye gets really blurry.

Also I still can't figure out why only my dominant eye gets really strained when reading or working on the computer. I work on the computer 8 hours a day so it is very frustrating. I can read the words and everything, but when I look up in the distance after working, my right eye is really blurry. But my left eye is always fine. Its like my left eye is just along for the ride!

So now I feel like I am going to need glasses for driving at night due to the dominant eye blurriness, computer glasses for work, and reading glasses for things like the Iphone. I could have avoided all of this by just keeping my distance glasses and then get bi-foculs once presbyopia kicks in.

The part that bugs me is that I did alot of research on my doctor. He was one of the first ones to do all laser LASIK in the Boston area. He actually trains other doctors on how to do it. He has written books on refractive eye surgery. He does all kinds of other surgeries, not just LASIK. I feel like I did all the right things, yet my eye sight is worse now than when I just used glasses.

It was a huge waste of money and the amount of stress it has caused in my life is unreal. I am trying to just come to grips with it and move on with my life.

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