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Has anyone else experienced this after LASIK? I am 42 years old and had myopia. After LASIK it seems that my non-dominant eye is slightly overcorrected at +0.25 and my dominant eye is slightly undercorrected at -0.25. This seems to be opposite what would happend if you chose monovision. Thought the amounts would be different. But now I notice if I am on the computer for a bit and then look up in the distance, my dominant eye is very blurry. The non-dominant eye is fine. The blurriness usually goes away after 5-10 minutes. But my dominant eye then feels strained even after this. At the eye doctor they had me read the really small print for presbyopia and I could read it. The doctor thinks I may need computer glasses, but I am 6 weeks post surgery. He wants to hold off a bit more in case my prescription changes a little bit more.

Also my dominant eye has been extremely dry since the day of the surgery. It also watered and felt a stinging sensation the day of the surgery. It also had the red blood vessels. To this day I think I can still see where the suction ring went on in the whites of my eyes. My non-dominant eye has not given me a single problem. If both eyes were like this I would be pleased, but it has been hell with the other eye.
I would definitely say dry eye. You could try something like Systane drops or go to the computer glasses. I was surprised how much that helped me.
Thanks for that quick reply. I have been doing the following since the surgery regarding dry eye:

1. Doctor put plugs in both eyes a few weeks after surgery when I went to him to complain about the dry eye issue.

2. I use Refresh Plus or Refresh Optive probably over 10 times a day still even after 6 weeks post op. Does this seem excessive? I know it can take 3-6 months for it to go away. I just hope it does. I have read all the horror stories about it lasting forever. I lay awake at night worrying about this.

3. Use a humidifier in my room at night while I sleep.

4. Drink tons of water

5. Use hot compresses whenever I have the time. The wierd thing about this is that when I take the hot compress off of my eyes it seems like this is the crispest my vision gets.

6. Been washing my eye lashes with tear free baby shampoo every morning.

I am not sure that I can do anything more? I have tried the gels at night, but they seem to just goop up my eyes.

Also I plan on getting some computer glasses once I feel that my vision has settled down. I just don't want to pay for a set of prescription glasses and then have it change on me!!

One more question that I noted in my first post. I still can sort of see the suction ring on the rightside of my right eye. Does that seem normal after 6 weeks?

Also how much do you think I should notice the 0.5 difference between both eyes seeing they are each only 0.25 off of plano?
Whiskey, how long has it been
since your surgery? I can read the 20/15
line on the chart with both eyes, but
it is really blurry. I just worry that I
am going to be one of those horror
stories that end up with a dry eye

I swear I can still see the suction
ring from the surgery and this
is the area that is the driest.
My eye is the same way. After a hot compress is the time my vision is the clearest. My vision is not as crisp as I feel it should be. I'm going to my optometrist in a few days for a second opinion. Do you have plugs in your tear ducts? Also did you try Restasis? I have not tried that yet. It just feels like my eye never produces any tears.

What kind of LASIK did you have? Was it all laser? I thought the risk of LASIK induced astigmatism was much lower now with the newest technology?? I'm wondering if I have that in my eye?
I forgot to ask about the people you know. Did their dryness completely go away after the year? Do you know how dry their eyes were? I can put drops in my eye and 2 minutes later they are dry again.
Whiskey, sounds like we are in the same boat! Plugs don't seem to be doing anything for me either. Neither do the omega 3s. So all we can do is wait. I'm thinking this was all just a huge mistake at this point. I am flying in mid August and am a little freaked out because I have read how dry the air is on planes. Please keep me posted in how you do and if the dryness ever goes away.
Went to my local optometrist for a checkup the other day. He said right eye is Plano with -0.5 astigmatism and left eye is +0.25 with -0.5 astigmatism. So he said that the +0.25 in the left eye is why I see better in the distance and the astigmatism in the right eye is causing the blurriness. He also held the card in front of me with the really small letters and I could still read the smallest line. So he is not exactly sure why my right eye gets really blurry in the distance after reading for a while on the computer. He suggested reading glasses and they do seem to help with the strain when using the iPhone. I was hoping to avoid reading glasses for a few more years, but I guess not.

The one thing that irks me is the last time I met with the LASIK surgeon I asked if I had any astigmatism and he said NO!! I only 7 weeks out, so hopefully the right eye will catch up. But at this point I am doubtful.
I had Lasik done on both eye's in Jan. 2013, and I still have problems looking at the computer screen. Everything is fuzzy/blurred, I went in for a 4 month check up and my vision is 20/30. I was told to wait until end of August, and if not any better to come back in and they would do some tweaking on my eye's I really don't want to go through this again. but I can't stand not being able to see the computer, and I work on it all day long. Have severe dry eye, and Ii use drops 8-10 time a day. so frustrating. :rolleyes:
They keep telling me I am 20/20! I actually went to my local optometrist that I have used for years and he also said I was 20/20. But he said I still slight astigmatism in both eyes and my left eye is +0.25. My right eye is severely dry. It constantly feels like I have an eyelash in my eye and I am 8 weeks post op! I want to jump out of my skin it feels so bad. I have another appointment with the surgeon tomorrow to discuss this issue. So I can't tell if it is the dryness causing the issue with the computer, or if it is the astigmatism.

I am so sick of this. Those eye drops do nothing for me. I also have scheduled a second opinion for the dry eye issue with a specialist in Boston. But i have to wait until August 6th for that.

My problem with the computer is I don't feel like my eyes are working together anymore. If I close one eye and focus I can read, then if I close the other eye and focus I can read. But if both of them are open nothing looks in focus.

This is really taking a toll on me and it is the biggest regret of my life. There is no way I would ever go in for another correction. I just hope everything is cureable by glasses at this point and I hope the dry eye issue can be addressed. But I am losing hope.
I feel like you are both telling my story.My time frame is same as marinem.

I can see the computer and everything great because one of my eyes has good vision, the other is blurry at all distances on details.

Its all related to dry eyes I think.

I am seeing a dry eye doctor since 2 weeks ago. I have a whole annoying regime now. My contact lenses were in and out in moments and i never had dry eye. Lasik is mental anguish and time consuming.

1. I think the eye drops make it worse. But you have to have a moist eye for your cornea so you cant really forgo drops if you arent tearing correctly so that stinks. For me the drops made my eye sight so much worse in 10 different ways. I have been weaning myself off of them and am now at 2x per day. This is not advisement from any doctor, i am doing the weaning on my own.

2. Supplements: fish oil which i think might be a farse, plus i just ordered theralife and have no idea if that works. Fish oil is something that the dry eye doctor told me to take, theralife sounded good on amazon and their own website. It should arrive friday or saturday.

3. Sleeping with glad press and seal on my eyes. I saw this trick on a mesage board. Its the best remedy so far. My eyes feel good in the morning now. Just cut a piece the size of your eye and it sticks on.

4. The heat compresses. I tried them around the 1 month point but stopped because my gut told me that if you have surgery you get inflammation heat causes more inflamation so it didnt make sense to me to apply heat. I started it back up agian 3 weeks ago and now i think its helping whereas back at the 1-2 month point i think it wasnt helping. Just a guess on my part.

5. Doctor put me on lotemax drops and punctal plugs. I think it is doing something good. There has been improvemet since i started them 2 1/2 weeks ago.

The biggest problem with all of this is the failure to warn me properly if at all about dry eye consequences prior to lasik. Now i see stats online that are alarmingly high for dry eye at the 6 month point. There is some sort of weird lasik industry dont talk about it thing going on i think.
Whiskey, what did your dry eye doctor tell you the problem was? Are you not producing enough tears, or are your tears not producing enough oil? Did he mention Restatis?

I am severly stressed out from all of this. I have been losing weight and can't sleep at night. It is a daily struggle to get my work done on the computer. When my doctor mentioned dry eyes I said what do you do about that. He said, oh we just put plugs in. Well guess what. I have had them in for 6 weeks and they aren't doing a thing. I am so angry at myself for not researching this more before having it done. I am not sure how I will get through the rest of my life if I have to look through these eyeballs.

Also I told my doctor I couldn't wear contact lenses because they bothered my eye. He never once mentioned because of dry eyes. I just want to scream. Maybe I could deal with it a little better if I had perfect vision, but I don't.

I fell like I am going to end up in glasses for distance, computer use, and reading. What an epic mistake this was.

But the wierd thing is I have been back to see my local optometrist and he checked my eyes for dryness. He said they don't really look dry. But then I have days like this where it feels like someone is poking me in the eye with their finger all day long!

What to you guys dryness feel like? Is it the sandpaper, eyelash feeling. Or the burning sensation?

God I wish I could go back in time and just put my glasses back on, and then take them off when I read on the computer.
Well if the industry was actually providing proper information then you could have made an informed decision. Instead you thought that you were choosing between assisted eye sight vs unassisted eye sight being considered as equals give or take some operation risks at time of lasik.

That said, you are actually pretty early and alot can change in the coming months.

Despite my current problems, i had many more at the 1-2 month point. Here are some:
1. Side vision was blurry in left eye. That started to clear at around 4 months then fluctuated between horrible and improved. Now i hardly notice it because it is virtually gone. I dont want to get too excited though because it could return...

2. Glare was worse. I dont mean starbursts, i mean glarey light on the microwave buttons for example. Its improved

3. Lots of text at any distance were blurry. Now its more clear than not but it still fluctuates a little.

My dry eye feels like raw eyes eg if you went snowboarding with no goggles. Sometimes it can just be in the corner of the eye and other times its all over. But its not all the time. Every day maybe for a few hours or less. Like right now my right eye is normal, left feels a little mentholish. And usually not both eyes at the same time. i got the feeling of something in my eye like an eyelash when i would use the eye drops. The visual results of it are:
1. Left eye fluctuating vision
2. Starbursts in low light when viewing some lights at a distance of lets say 15-20 feet. These fluctuate alot. For example, last night i woke up in the middle of the night and had none as i walked around my house in the darkness, but before i went to bed they were present. Its all tear film i think.

Also forgot to mention before that i started wearing clear construction glasses while on the computer and it helps a ton with dryness. Not the kind that look like scuba gear :) . The ones i have been wearing look like regular plastic glasses and are clear including the ear pieces.
I thought I'd chime in...

I had custom wavefront done in January. I'm 26 years old and have been wearing contacts/glasses since I was 10. I stabled out at a -5.75 prescription for about 3 years prior to the surgery. No astigmatism.

It's been about 6 months since the surgery and overall I'm pretty happy with it. There is one problem that bugs me. My right (dominant) eye can see very very very good afar. Noticeably crisper than my left. At about 15 feet and closer the tables turn. From 15 feet (give or take) and closer, my left eye is crisper. The thing is though it only happens in lower light, office light as well. Outside it doesn't bother me at all until the sun goes down, then I notice it. Also, on the computer screen with both eyes open I can read fine, but with my right eye it's very strained looking at the screen. When I squint, the strain seems to lessen a significant amount. One of my hobbies is playing computer games and it's very annoying to do so. I can do it, but it's not very comfortable. My lasik doctor tested me out last week and showed me at 20/15 on both eyes (however, the 20/20 and 20/15 lines weren't as crisp as I'd like them). He scheduled me to see a very good ophthalmologist the beginning of September to have him test my eye muscles, because he is very very pleased with the optics of my eyes. It's one of those situations that you can see pretty darn good but you just know it can be better.

From researching on my own I feel as if my right eye may be over-corrected a smidgen? Could it be dry eyes? I have noticed that my right eye is usually the dry one (even back when I wore contacts, it was the right eye that always gave me the dry eye problems).

I use restasis, thera tears (tablet gel form), and systane ultra.

Can anyone comment on my situation? Dry eyes? Should I get glasses for the computer (specifically for computer gaming)? I'm obviously going to go to the ophthalmologist in a little over a month to see if he sees any problems. Sometimes I'm compulsive to a fault and when I get my mind thinking about my eyes it really frustrates me.
I am actually going to see a doctor in Boston this Tuesday for a second opinion on my dry eye issue. But I have actually been on vacation all of last week and the dryness seems to have gotten better. It is usually just really dry in the morning. But I am not getting my hopes up too much yet. I will wait to see what this doctor says.

Deeseclyde, I actually have the opposite problem as you. My non dominant eye was overcorrected a bit. So I see really good far in that eye. I also have left over astigmatism in each eye. So when the lights go low my dominant eye gets really blurry.

Also I still can't figure out why only my dominant eye gets really strained when reading or working on the computer. I work on the computer 8 hours a day so it is very frustrating. I can read the words and everything, but when I look up in the distance after working, my right eye is really blurry. But my left eye is always fine. Its like my left eye is just along for the ride!

So now I feel like I am going to need glasses for driving at night due to the dominant eye blurriness, computer glasses for work, and reading glasses for things like the Iphone. I could have avoided all of this by just keeping my distance glasses and then get bi-foculs once presbyopia kicks in.

The part that bugs me is that I did alot of research on my doctor. He was one of the first ones to do all laser LASIK in the Boston area. He actually trains other doctors on how to do it. He has written books on refractive eye surgery. He does all kinds of other surgeries, not just LASIK. I feel like I did all the right things, yet my eye sight is worse now than when I just used glasses.

It was a huge waste of money and the amount of stress it has caused in my life is unreal. I am trying to just come to grips with it and move on with my life.
Whiskey, what do starburst look like? I don't think I am getting any of that, but I am not sure what it would look like if I was getting it.
So I went to the specialist in Boston this morning. He diagnosed me with SLK. He put some funky die in my eyes and diagnosed me immediately. He took pictures of my eyes so I could see it. I am not sure I am totally convinced. He said it could be caused by a thyroid issue. So he did blood work too. Basically the first step is to change to a gel type eye drop. I have been using the preservative free ones. He said I can use the gel 4 times a day. I asked if LASIK caused this and he said no. He thinks I already had it and the additional dryness caused by LASIK unleashed it on me. They checked both eyes for vision and both were 20/15.

They did a schirmers test on me. I believe the results were 9 in one eye and 5 in another. Something like that. He said my eyes don't look terribly dry. But now that I google the results of that I see that the eye with the 5 is pretty dry. But maybe I have the numbers wrong. I go back to see him in 1 month.

I have searched for SLK on the web. Some sites say use a prescription drop, some say surgery, some say lubrication. But the damn lubrication hasn't worked so far. So I am not sure why he think the new drops will work. But SLK also causes the foreign body sensation and sand pebble feel. That is what I now have. The last 2 days have been awful.

I just pray that there is some relief in the future.
Thanks Whiskey. I have been to 2 LASIK surgeons and my local optometrist. This doctor was the first one to flip my upper eye lids inside out to look. I guess SLK has lots of the same symptoms as dry eye. So it just goes on without a diagnoses until you find a doctor familiar with it.

I did ask how the flaps looked my the surgery and they said very good. Also I think this might explain why the top right side of my right eye feels sore after computer work. That is the area that the SLK affects.

I just hope I can get some sort of relief without needing any more surgery. So I go back to him in less than a month for a follow up. If the thicker drops don't do anything I will call and ask for something else.

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