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So I went to the specialist in Boston this morning. He diagnosed me with SLK. He put some funky die in my eyes and diagnosed me immediately. He took pictures of my eyes so I could see it. I am not sure I am totally convinced. He said it could be caused by a thyroid issue. So he did blood work too. Basically the first step is to change to a gel type eye drop. I have been using the preservative free ones. He said I can use the gel 4 times a day. I asked if LASIK caused this and he said no. He thinks I already had it and the additional dryness caused by LASIK unleashed it on me. They checked both eyes for vision and both were 20/15.

They did a schirmers test on me. I believe the results were 9 in one eye and 5 in another. Something like that. He said my eyes don't look terribly dry. But now that I google the results of that I see that the eye with the 5 is pretty dry. But maybe I have the numbers wrong. I go back to see him in 1 month.

I have searched for SLK on the web. Some sites say use a prescription drop, some say surgery, some say lubrication. But the damn lubrication hasn't worked so far. So I am not sure why he think the new drops will work. But SLK also causes the foreign body sensation and sand pebble feel. That is what I now have. The last 2 days have been awful.

I just pray that there is some relief in the future.

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