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I feel like you are both telling my story.My time frame is same as marinem.

I can see the computer and everything great because one of my eyes has good vision, the other is blurry at all distances on details.

Its all related to dry eyes I think.

I am seeing a dry eye doctor since 2 weeks ago. I have a whole annoying regime now. My contact lenses were in and out in moments and i never had dry eye. Lasik is mental anguish and time consuming.

1. I think the eye drops make it worse. But you have to have a moist eye for your cornea so you cant really forgo drops if you arent tearing correctly so that stinks. For me the drops made my eye sight so much worse in 10 different ways. I have been weaning myself off of them and am now at 2x per day. This is not advisement from any doctor, i am doing the weaning on my own.

2. Supplements: fish oil which i think might be a farse, plus i just ordered theralife and have no idea if that works. Fish oil is something that the dry eye doctor told me to take, theralife sounded good on amazon and their own website. It should arrive friday or saturday.

3. Sleeping with glad press and seal on my eyes. I saw this trick on a mesage board. Its the best remedy so far. My eyes feel good in the morning now. Just cut a piece the size of your eye and it sticks on.

4. The heat compresses. I tried them around the 1 month point but stopped because my gut told me that if you have surgery you get inflammation heat causes more inflamation so it didnt make sense to me to apply heat. I started it back up agian 3 weeks ago and now i think its helping whereas back at the 1-2 month point i think it wasnt helping. Just a guess on my part.

5. Doctor put me on lotemax drops and punctal plugs. I think it is doing something good. There has been improvemet since i started them 2 1/2 weeks ago.

The biggest problem with all of this is the failure to warn me properly if at all about dry eye consequences prior to lasik. Now i see stats online that are alarmingly high for dry eye at the 6 month point. There is some sort of weird lasik industry dont talk about it thing going on i think.

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