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Thanks for that quick reply. I have been doing the following since the surgery regarding dry eye:

1. Doctor put plugs in both eyes a few weeks after surgery when I went to him to complain about the dry eye issue.

2. I use Refresh Plus or Refresh Optive probably over 10 times a day still even after 6 weeks post op. Does this seem excessive? I know it can take 3-6 months for it to go away. I just hope it does. I have read all the horror stories about it lasting forever. I lay awake at night worrying about this.

3. Use a humidifier in my room at night while I sleep.

4. Drink tons of water

5. Use hot compresses whenever I have the time. The wierd thing about this is that when I take the hot compress off of my eyes it seems like this is the crispest my vision gets.

6. Been washing my eye lashes with tear free baby shampoo every morning.

I am not sure that I can do anything more? I have tried the gels at night, but they seem to just goop up my eyes.

Also I plan on getting some computer glasses once I feel that my vision has settled down. I just don't want to pay for a set of prescription glasses and then have it change on me!!

One more question that I noted in my first post. I still can sort of see the suction ring on the rightside of my right eye. Does that seem normal after 6 weeks?

Also how much do you think I should notice the 0.5 difference between both eyes seeing they are each only 0.25 off of plano?

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