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I had Lasik 1.5 month ago. After lasik, I am perfectly clear and not very dry in my right eye, and blurry and more dry in my left eye. Whatever halos I had are pretty much gone now and starbursts seem to be decreasing. No pain.
It is the left eye bluriness that bothers me and begins to concern me more and more as it has always been there post-op and is not improving with time. The bluriness affects smaller objects or details both in far out and close up objects , but overall distance vision is fine (probably due to the right eye strength).when I use the artificial tears drops in the left eye the vision improves for 3-4 minuts after that it starts decreasing.One more thing is that my left eye is much more dry than my right eye.
I am software programmer and I have to work atleast 10 hours on the computer.When I contacted my doctor about this situation he advised me to increase the frequency of the artificial tear drop and he also told me that it will take around 3 months to recover.
My question is: what could be causing this blurriness and can it still improve? I know a lot of people who had lasik and none of them had any kinds of complications aside from dry eye.How much time it will take to get competely accurate?
Well you say that your vision improves for 3-4 minutes after you put drops... so it looks like your blurriness is probably caused by dryness. The nerve fibers in your cornea decrease by 90% after lasik so it's normal that it gets very dry for a lot of people... I guess it's really a question of patience, especially after just 1 month and a half

What kind of drops have you been using? When I had dry eye problems they gave me a cream to put at night, which helps a lot to keep the eye lubricated through the night and it actually helped my vision the next day
:) I had to address this post because its sounds like something I would have written when I first had my lasik. Without knowing much more about your situation, like your prescription, I'd like to offer you my "ONE BLURRY EYE" story. I had -4.50 with 4.0 astig left eye and -2.75 no astigmatism right eye. Post lasik about a month and a half, as you, I was confused at my left eye being blurry and my right eye being perfect. Granted as you can see :jester: I had an astigmatism that caused me to see blurry both near and far. It had been corrected from a 4.0 to a 2.0 and I tried waiting to see how it may improve. At the eye doctor appointment 4 months post surgery I learned my blurry vision in the eye had gone down to a 1.5 astigmatism which is still big. My doc said to come back in another two months to decide if an enhancement should be done. Sure enough at that next appointment it was STILL BLURRY and 1.5 astigmatism. I made an appointment to do my free enhancement. It was way easier the second time around. The procedure did not have the suction thing and it was very fast. I was still not perfect the day after the procedure or a even a week, but I realized it was a different kind of blur (If that makes sense) It was what I would term the "healing blur" due to swelling. But it suddenly disappeared and 3 weeks after the enhancement I had the GREATEST CRAZIEST VISION EVER. I thought to myself, that's what I'm talking about!" :) I wanted to go on the board here to share my experience. Not to give false hope, but to let people in limbo with similiar experiences know that it usually can be okay, even if it didn't go perfect the first time. Big hug. Hope this helps you.:angel:
Sorry to buck the trend you have spotted. I am approaching 3 months post lasik with my check up booked next week. My left eye has always been drier than the right and some days quite recently has been smarting. I have that astig in my left eye which I don't think I had pre surgery and she thinks I might need an enhancement in that one eye. Right eye can see no better but she thinks that is as good as they can get the right eye but she could improve the left one. I am still using regular eye drops. I feel like if I was a "normal" person with my eye sight I would be seeking glasses because every road sign is out out of focus and unreadable. I think I am not complaining perhaps as much as I should because it is still a ginormous improvement to my pre LASIK vision when I was blind as a bat. If I am hoping it may get a little better if I opt for the enhancement but still a bit aprehensive because I don't want to risk loosing what I have now despite the lack of sharpness. If a bus came towards me now I couldn't read the number plate but I would know it was a bus LOL

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