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Hi, I am 22 years old male, and I recently had Custom Intralase LASIK last Thursday, Aug 29th, 2013. My prescription pre op was -6.50 both eyes with no astigmatism.

The next day I went for my one day follow up and was told that my right eye was seeing 20/20 and my left eye was -0.25. I was kind of shocked since they said I would achieve perfect vision 24 hours after the surgery. I've noticed something really odd, which is my right eye is very crisp is sharp for objects that are near, but more blurry than my left for objects far away. And vice-versa for my left eye.

I get halos, starbursts, and glare as predicted. The glare is still pretty bad, like looking through a film. Halos and starbrusts are pretty bad too, but what should I expect just 4 days after surgery? Vision at night is horrible too. Also I have blood spots from the suction ring on both eyes which is very red and noticeable. Doc says it will clear up quickly.

Dry eye is a biggie. I'm using the eye drops pretty frequently, like 3-4 strips a day. I can read the computer screen just fine but cannot stare at it for more than 30 minutes without burning my eyes.

I go for my one week follow up this Saturday, hopefully my optometrist will only have good things to say. If you guys have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them!

I'm also wondering how long it took you guys to fully recover from the glare/haze, starbursts, and dry eye. Or if you did at all. Thanks! I'll keep you guys posted on my own progress.

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