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I just went for my 1 week follow up today.

My right eye still measures 20/20 and my left eye 20/25. And apparently my left eye now has astigmatism of a quarter. Pre op it was zero. I also told him about how my right eye is sharper for things that are within 70-80 feet, but my left eye is sharper for things beyond that distance, and he says he has no clue why. Anyone experience this and knows what the deal is?

He says there is a chance it could be like this even once my vision stabilizes, but also a chance it could get better. I really hope so because there is a very perceptible difference when looking at a computer screen or things up close. No bad enough to go crazy over, but annoying nonetheless.

Still having halos, starbursts, and glare/haziness. I feel as though they have gotten better since my first few days after the surgery but I honestly don't remember how bad it was. Either way they are still bad enough that I don't trust myself to drive at night. He says it will go away soon, but there is a chance that it could stick with me for life, and that there is nothing you can do about it.

(Unlike some of the doctors I read about here who keeps reassuring that "you're eyes are still healing", mine is relatively pessimistic. Which I guess is good in a way.)

Dryness is still bad as ever. I'm okay in the morning and afternoon, it starts getting worse as the day wears on. I know it's one of the factors that are affecting my vision because once I apply lubricating drops it seems to get better for a few seconds. Right now I am experiencing the feeling of having my contacts in for too long. Computer usage is still tiresome when it's more than 30 minutes straight. And the red marks from the suction ring are still there.

I asked about durability of the flap at this stage and he as told me that I would actually have to try in order to dislodge the flap.

I will post any significant changes if they occur, or I will just update you guys when I go for my one month follow up.

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