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I had blade-free Lasik on both eyes done 6/28. I was -3.50 and -3.75
First day post op Dr. said I was 20/20 I didn't know how because everything was blurry. It did get better and then all of the sudden one day it went all fuzzy and blurry - Dr said I had severe dry eye. I used Systain first and that didn't help, then Freshcoat (didn't work) so he put me on Genteal drops and eye gel at night - that works!! I still have dry eye but it is better.

My left eye is perfect can see 20/20 with it. My right eye is not and has been the problem eye since the beginning. It was getting better, then all of the sudden this week it got worse :( Called Dr. he said to come in - so I did yesterday. I left in tears, he basically yelled at me telling me to be patient!! He said my right eye is just healing slower than the left eye. He put me on a mild steroid in the right eye a month ago (tapering off now) when he put me on it I asked "Will this make my vision flucuate"? He said No" yesterday he tells me oh the steroid will flucuate your vision!!! What you told me it wouldn't!!!!

Right now I feel almost cross eyed as my left is doing all the focusing and my right eye is blurry, makes it hard to focus and see without giving myself a headache!! He gave me a temp contact to wear in the right eye but told me not to wear it all the time just when I feel I really need it.

I am getting really frustrated over all of this! I regret my decision in having the Lasik done! My question is has anyone else had one eye worse than the other, and did it eventually correct its self or did you have to get a touch up done? At this point I am NOT doing the touch up. The original surgery messed me up what will the second one do!

Any advice?
I really understand. I scoured for answers too and was very discouraged sad and cried enough (so bad after lasik) to fill the Passaic River! The boat your on (more than likely) is the slow boat to China healing boat. I took forever to heal. Forget all the things you've seen and heard about people waking up with perfect vision. Throw it out the window of your thinking! I was blurry disheartened regretful confused....the list goes on. It took me about a month to two months to finally start experiencing better vision. I was blurry near and far. Mostly in my left eye, but my right as well. Doc kept saying give it time and he was right. He kept telling me my eyes needed time. I cried I complained and in the end after what I thought was the slowest healing process in the world, I came up to 20/15 and 20/60. The 20/60 because my astigmatism the full number 4.0 went down to a 2.0. I went for an enhancement which is half the craziness of the first procedure because there is no suction and they only had to do one eye. Fast forward best thing I ever did. So I know if your like this your gonna hate this but TIME. And get this also, if its still blurry in 3 months they could usually easily do a correction and it will be great. So the time thing sucks! There is no doubt about, but know there is success even if by some small chance there is something wrong. Times the big thing hopefully before you know it in another month you will be wondering why you never noticed the needles on a pine tree!:angel:

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