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:angel: Hi Heather, you are exactly the reason I joined this board meaning I wish somewhat would have told me what I'm about to say when I was going through it. So first you deserve that hug. I cried (which is awful for your eyes post lasik) enough tears to fill the Passaic River through my experience. So lets get to it.

I'm 29 now. My first lasik eye surgery was March 2012 intrawave lasik (bladeless). Original script -4.50 4.0 astigmatism left and -2.75 right. I was blurry far and near the first week. During my post op visits I was failing the eye chart with 20/60. I thought I had made the biggest mistake ever. I drove my friends and family nuts in concern about what I had done, as well as the doc. I had NO PATIENCE whatsoever. Everything I had seen in the media and heard from friends said they were perfect vision as soon as the next day or the next week. I was alarmed and had dry eye and my vision would flucuate blurry to blurrier! 3 week later I was stilling wearing shades because my eyes were so sensitive to light and blurred. I had halos as well. Doc kept saying everything was fine. After about a month I could drive again and my vision freshened up to 20/15 right and 20/60 left eye with astigmatism. Not bad, but I was still unhappy. It seemed like the end of the world and I was emotionally a wreck from the anxiety associated with my lasik. At 3 months post op I was seeing good finally, but my left eye was still a touch blurry. I got the wait and see talk from the doc who explained I still had a lot of healing and had been left with a 2.0 astigmatism remaining in the left eye. He et me know that I could do an enhancement procedure free to correct that in 2 more months. The enhancement was no where near as bad as the first recovery. :cool: It still was lengthy for that left eye to see clear about 4 weeks again. So in the end the pain and suffering, plus aggravation was worth it. The vision is unbelievable! I can see things I never even knew existed. It took a very long long time and patience that I did not have, but in the end it really was amazing. I joined the board just to let others know about my experience in an effort to assist with the uncertainty and anxiety that maybe similiar to what I experienced. Hang in there and best of luck.

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