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First off I joined this board specifically to let people know about my experience with lasik so I hope my input helps. I had lasik and an enhancement. I had a slow healing process and would search the internet endlessly for answers. Peope I know that had lasik would say they were perfect the next day and it scared the hell out of me. That being said, Lasik thus far post enhancement 3 months, was the best thing I ever did! My vision had a severe astigmatism (a full 4. left eye). It took forever for me to heal the first time. My eyes were dry needing constant drops and uncomfy. My vision was blurry for an entire month the first time. Don't panic everyone is different and it literally takes months to heal properly. The doc did an enhancement because I still had a 1.50 astigmatism 3 months ago and that healing process was quicker, but still drove me crazy! I was so worried, even over a month after I was still uncomfortable. (1st time)

It drove me insane when the doctor would say, "Wait and see". So give it time and it wasn't what I expected. On tv they would show someone a day after lasik putting on mascara and being perfect the next day. That isn't how it went with me. I could not drive for 2 weeks. I had halos and ghosting which subsided after a month. Now I'm glad I did it. It was a lot of pain and suffering, but in the end it was completely worth it. I'm not a doctor and it may annoy you, but it is true that you need to give it time. In the end it will be more than likely well worth it and you will forget all the discomfort and be happy you did it. Everyone does heal different at any age. I 'm 29 years old and I was such a slow healer. One thing that helped me with my dry eye was flaxseed oil pills. Somehow they internally moistened my eyes by ingesting them. Best wishes.
:angel: Hi there, I'm responding because I scoured the internet in desperation for answers with my lasik experience. I had -4.75 with a 4.0 astigmatism and -2.75 right eye. I had lasik and an enhancement procedure six months later. In the end my surgery was a success and worth all the aggravation from long healing processes. I am 29 years old. I was confused and worried as I wasn't instantly perfect the next week. I took a very long time to heal, which surprised me because I thought I am usually a quick healer in regards to everything else. Don't panick. I had halos for a month post lasik. I couldn't drive and my eyes were super sensitive to light. I also had the suction marks which took about 6 weeks to go away if not 8 weeks. Dry eyes were about 6-8 months. It was very annoying as my friends that had it done seemed to have instant gratification and I was concerned there was something wrong! I ended up after the first procedure having good vision to the point where I did not need glasses. However the astigmatism was brought down to only a 2.0 which disturbed me. Therefore 6 months later I took the doc up on the enhancement for free. I am so glad I did it! I love my vision now and did not even know you could see this great! Hang in there and try not to compare yourself to other people like I did or the tv shows that show people perfect the next day or next week. Keep those drops coming. I'm no doc but I drove myself nuts with worry and I wish I could go back in time and let myself know it was all VERY VERY WORTH IT! I think you will be fine. I hope this helps.

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