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So I got lasik around 3 months ago. The day after I was sad to see that I was not seeing 20/20 and still had quite a bit of astigmatism. I was told it would likely clear up but after it didn't for 2 weeks I didn't have any high hopes that it would. Sure enough it hasn't cleared up at all.

My original prescription is:

OD: -5.25 x -1.25 x 5
OS: -4.75 x -1.75 x 175

I got the best technology (or was told it was the best) which is the femtosecond laser lasik. I have also had fairly bad halo's since the surgery.

Anyway after about a month after my surgery I had to get glasses again. The new prescription is:

OD: -0.25 x -0.75 x 15
OS: 0 x -1.00 x 180

I can somewhat guess and make out the 20/20 line but its very blury. With correction I can read the 20/15 line with no trouble at all very quickly where as the 20/20 line took like 10 seconds per letter to figure out what it was. The Halo's have finally gone down quite a bit but they are still there even after 3 months. My personal eye doctor who recommended the lasik facility I went to said he has never seen a patient have halo's after 3 months...

So basically the Lasik did very little for my Astigmatism. It didn't even reduce it by half.

I use computers through most of the day and enjoy high resolutions screens so I find that in order to be at the same distance I used to use them I basically have to wear glasses now. Also I generally wear glasses while driving as well as it helps to see street signs and stuff better. Can I do both without glasses? Yes but my vision feels *significantly* better with correction.

Long story short is I am not happy at all. This surgery cost $4700 and I am basically wearing glasses again 24/7 3 months later.

Would you guys be happy with this result or am I just being unreasonable? I wasn't expecting to necessarily get 20/15 vision but I was told anything that is not 20/20 these days is usually considered a failure and I am definitely not at 20/20.

Part of the problem might be I have very high visual acuity as I have had 4k displays since 2005 (3840x2400 on a 22 inch LCD) where stuff is super tiny and could always read it just fine with correction and now its not even near doable without correction. About the only benefit so far I have gotten from the lasik is being able to see while showering and not needing my glasses when I play table tennis. So was I simply unreasonable in my expectations or should I be unhappy with this result?


Oh and I was one of those few people who didn't really get dry eyes. Like I did here and there but it was barely a problem for me and only was an issue typically when waking up after sleeping for the first week and that's about it.

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