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Hi everybody, Im new to this thread. Ive finally discovered this thread after constantly looking for answers to my own lasik problems. I guess heres a list of my timeline and what has transpired: (i apologize, this is fairly long.. but my experience thus far has been disastrous, and will probably affect my professional life permanently)

Im 27 years old, and because of both personal/professional reasons, I decided to get lasik. My eyes are horrible, close to -6.xx on both eyes and have been for a while. I went to a very reputable place in newport beach with a very reputable doctor that people I personally known have gone to. As expected, being there was like every other lasik center place, where they talk to you about all the glorious outcomes of lasik, never really once talking about the bad side effects (which dont get me wrong, i knew before going into this having done my research).

So i schedule my surgery, and i stop taking my contacts for a week prior as well as starting the drops (prednisone, antibiotic, freshkote) as well as the omega 3 supplements. 2 days prior to the surgery, i go back in again for a wavefront scan to make sure my eyes were ok. As i get home, the doctor calls me and advises me that he recommends PRK due to the asymmetry of my eyes. I ask him if its possible that the scan may have gotten a wrong picture, because the recovery time in lasik was really what inspired and motivated me to get it. He advised that i'll come in day of surgery and get another scan and to go from there.

Day of surgery, I get in to get another scan, and while waiting in one of the rooms, i overheard one of the technicians there stating that if i didnt get lasik i would walk (which i did not state at all, i was really hoping for the lasik but down to it, for my eyes health, if prk was better for me, then i would get that). After the doctor viewed the scan, he told me that i was cleared to getting the lasik surgery. Excited, I was prepped and ready to go. I had my right eye done first which i felt nothing out of, then my left eye, which i actually felt a sharp stabbing pain during the flap making part. After surgery, i went home and slept; waking up i could see instantly, it was pretty much like having my contacts in or maybe even better.

1 day post up checkup: going in, i was able to see everything clearly, was cleared by my doctors and advised that my vision is currently at 20/20 close to being 20/15. I was ecstatic, knowing that my eyes were healing well as well as my vision being great.

1 week post up checkup: Everything was still great going into this surgery, the only discomfort that i had felt ever since the surgery was that it felt like i had something in my left eye, otherwise, no complaints of any feeling of dry eyes or anything. The doctor, after observing my eyes, told me that my lower corneas were dry and recommended celluvisc to use at night. At this point, i still have had no vision problems, day or night, and the only thing bothering me was the feeling of something in my left eye.

I took celluvisc that night, and waking up, i could instantly tell that my vision was blurred out. I had no idea what was going on, attributing it to maybe the dry eyes. I immediately called the doctors office, and was told by the doctor there that my vision may have been blurred due to the thickness of the celluvisc, advising me to constantly use the artificial tears and maybe even eye wash to try and get rid of the viscosity. I tried everything, nothing worked.

I went in for a doctors check a day after this incident above, to which the doctor telling me that my eyes were still dry and thats probably what was causing the blurriness. He put 2 lower plugs in my eyes, my vision at this point was still a blurry 20/20.

About a week passes by with nothing changing, same vision but with the blurriness not corrected by the artificial eye drops, when after class at night, i noticed that my vision was EXTREMELY blurred. Im talking not being able to see the stop sign until you pull right up to it blurred. I attributed this to maybe the eyes being dry or maybe just nothing I was freaking over, so i decided to go to sleep and rest up and hope for the best the next day.

Next day waking up, my eyesight was extremely blurry, close to the feeling of pre lasik not having glasses/contacts on. I have a vision chart taped up on the wall and I wasnt even able to see the 20/50 chart. So i call the doctor and i immediately go in for an eye exam. The doctor told me the that center of my cornea is extremely dry and proceeded to place 2 upper plugs in. Just looking on the eye exam, my left eye was at -1.75 while my right eye was hovering between -.75 to -1. I was devastated, lasik went fromt he best experience to the worst thing ive ever done in my life in 2 weeks.

I even went in for another consult with another optometrist, who told me that my eyes regressing was the fastest he ever seen after a lasik surgery.

I apologize for the length of this post, i just felt like i needed to vent especially with whats happened with my eyes and how this potentially will eliminate my career now. I understood the risks going into this surgery so I really cant blame anybody, but damn, i didnt think lasik would be this bad, especially with the technologically advanced lasers and machines the surgeons use.

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