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Hi all, long-time lurker, first-time post.

Back in February I had LASIK done on both eyes, going from roughly a -7 with a few points astigmatism in each eye, to near 20/20 perfection in my left eye, but 20/25 (on a good day) + astigmatism in my right.

Unfortunately, my right-eye is dominant, so this discrepancy was really noticeable and causing me headaches.

In September I had an enhancement done, it was optional, but the doctor said since it wasn't as much of a long-shot this time it should be a relatively easy procedure. Obviously no results are guaranteed.

The day after, my right-eye was much worse. Blurry at all distances. The doctor said it is a combination of post-op swelling and slightly over-correction to account for regression. Okay, I'll accept that for now.

A week follow-up later, no improvement. Same story. They took me off the oflaxacin (sp?) because they said it could be potentially irritable and kept me on the prednisone (still using, twice daily). They gave me some gel drops to use at night, and said to continue using preservative free drops during the day at least every 30-60 minutes.

I am coming up on my 3.5 week follow-up and there is still no improvement and it is quite a bit worse than it was pre-enhancement. Pretty unfortunate.

I'm curious if anybody has similar stories that resulted in eventual success through time/healing or if anyone knows of other options I could consider in due time (maybe a single soft contact eventually?).

I will, of course, bring my concerns up with the doctor at my next appointment, but right now I'm feeling pretty bummed and probably would have not gone through with the enhancement if I knew this was the result. Hindsight is 20/20 eh?

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