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Please DO it if you are a candidate for it. It will drastically improve your life. I did 2 weeks ago. I have ZERO side effect. Yeah.. you heard it right. ZERO side effect. No dryness, no halo, no glare, no starbrust. ONLY excellent vision which I couldn't have even with my -4.00 glasses. Now everything is so crisp, so sharp. I can see like a hawk. Its like a life saving procedure. Not only life changing.

If you are facing complication I am very sorry for you. Hope you get perfect vision soon.
Every surgery has risks but if you go to a cornea specialist for your Lasik then the risks are extremely low.

I was going to decide not to have the surgery and lead a miserable life with thick glasses after reading scary stuffs here but I thank God to show me right direction. I did Lasik and I am a very very happy patient. I got my life back.
I had been wearing glasses for 24 years. I have been contemplating PRK or LASIK for about 19 of those years, always waiting and reading about the next technology that does a better job.

I researched my doctor and used personal reference from actual real people about their experience and the doctors they researched and eventually used. This surgeon was the most expensive within a three hour drive but was completely honest and started our initial conversations with expectation management.

Glasses and contacts gave me poor night vision.

Contacts aggravated my eyes. I tried soft contacts, hard contacts, and toric lenses. All of which only lasted a month before I couldn't stand the irritation.

My night vision is way better now.

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