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I had LASIK to correct shortsightedness of -4.75 and minor astigmatism in both eyes 10 years ago.

Going back to the time of the operation, it was not painful and recovery was fairly quick. I did have majorly dry eyes for a couple of weeks after which severely affected my life and work but this did improve after a couple of weeks and although my eyes have been slightly dry ever since, I think they were dry before the op anyway.

The op was successful and I achieved excellent vision, perfect in my right eye and my left was slightly overcorrected to +0.50 but this caused no problems and I was able to see without any glasses and was very pleased with the result.

4 years after Lasik I noticed I was having trouble when using the computer, a sight test confirmed that my left eye had got a little more longsighted to +0.75 but my right eye was still perfect and a pair of glasses were issued which helped me for computer work. It was at this point that night driving became very difficult, I felt my vision wasn't very good at night and the glare of headlights had a high impact on my vision and I have never felt safe driving at night since.

6 Years after Lasik, I felt my sight was feeling uncomfortable. Prescription changed to +1.25 in left eye and -0.25 in right eye. I stared wearing a contact lenses is my left eye and daily vision was uncomfortable without it. Night driving still a nightmare even with contacts or glasses.

10 Years after Lasik and my most recent prescription is for +1.25 in left eye and now -0.75 in right eye. So now I need contact lenses in both eyes or glasses to have comfortable vision. Night driving still very difficult.

I will add that Lasik has flattened my cornea and has meant that there isn't a contact lenses with a flat enough base curve to give me brilliant vision. I have the highest base curve available but as this is not completely right, I don't have great vision in contact lenses.

I don't know if I can blame Lasik for my night vision problems as I don't remember it being apparant in the first couple years after the op, although I am only in my 30s so am not sure why else the glare and poor night vision would have resulted.

I am disappointed to be back in glasses and lenses but do have much better sight still than post op. I had an amazing 4 years after the op where vision was great but if I could go back I would not have bothered. I did not expect to be back to needing correction and night driving is my biggest issue.

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