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It's tough for me....for example, today it's not very noticeable. It's 50/50 if I'd do it again....depending on my mood (LOL). My problem was that I hated contacts, especially in my right eye, were it would bug the living hell out of me. It always felt like there was something in it. Well, guess what? That issue is still with me. That is the reason I went to the ophthalmologist last week. I have little bumps on the inside of my eyelids that seem to be an allergy problem. I'm on special drops (ALREX). It seems to have gotten better. I think to myself, if I went to the doctor while I had my contacts, would it have been fine after? I know some people who wear contacts 18 hours a day and they don't even know that they're in (most of the time). Lucky for them I guess.

I knew there were some risks involved, but I went to a very well-received surgeon who operated on my Dad almost 10 years ago...(my Dad obviously needs reading glasses now due to age, but his was perfect after an enhancement). He thoroughly went over the risks, but, like you I'm sure, wanted the reward of 20/20 vision after being dealt a crappy card of vision your whole life. I've been wanting this surgery done for 10+ years (I'm 26) and I couldn't wait. I knew over/undercorrection was possible but I didn't think astigmatisms were....

The dry eyes don't bother me as much. They were much drier (scratchy as well) after the surgery and still get dry every now and again. If you are a member at Costco, go to the pharmacy and have them order Thera Tears Gel Tabs. You take 3 pills a day (I just take all three in the morning) and it's a flaxseed/fish oil blend with some vitamin E. They actually help. For a month supply it's like 10 bucks at Costco (cheapest place I've found). I'm hoping that the plugs will completely alleviate any dryness I have...even that pesky right corner of my right eye.

My prescription right now is:
Left eye: anywhere from -.25 to -.50
Right eye: plano with -.50 axis 40 astigmatism

Can you elaborate on your prescription a bit more? I don't follow those numbers... is the .6 and .12 the axis?

My doctor told me the 6 month mark is (for most people) the final stage of healing. My vision was pretty set at 2 months. I still get the glowing around bright objects in dark rooms....for example, at the movie theater when the screen is black with white lettering, it get a glow on the lettering. I feel like I've always had star-bursting while driving so that doesn't bother me too much.

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