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What is your prescription?

It's weird, for me when my eyes are on the drier side I don't notice it as much. Low light is when I really notice it. When I'm out doing stuff in the daytime and not thinking about it I don't notice it. I really notice it on the computer, especially when trying to play games, it can induce nausea sometimes. With both eyes open when I intently try and focus and then close me good eye, everything is pretty in focus with my 'bad' eye. The problematic eye has a problem focusing on by itself and I especially see problems when my eyes/I am tired.

When you got your correction for your glasses, was it like me where it was just for astigmatism? I have my prescription glasses now where my 'good' eye needs to be corrected a little bit -.25 to -.50 to match the astigmatism correction it's kind of straining (I think because the eyes aren't QUITE matched up).

Also, have you tried getting tear duct plugs put in? I go next week for my opthamologist to put in temporary ones (they dissolve after a week) to see if I like them. I've heard they really keep your eyes lubricated.

@whiskeythekid, thanks for the reply.

Knowing this was going to happen, would you get the surgery again?

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