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I had bladeless, "custom" lasik performed last Tuesday, Dec 10th. I can honestly say that so far, I completely regret having the surgery done. Arguably one of the worst decisions I may have ever made. Presurgery I was -8.5 in my left eye, -8.0 in my right, a corneal thickness ~650 in both, and astigmatism in both. I was honestly surprised that I had qualified, as I had been told in the past that I was not a candidate.

I went to a reputable surgeon who works with and came very highly recommended by a family member. The surgery went "smoothly" and the doctor sent me home saying that everything looked good. Even through the Valium, my left eye felt like someone had shoved a thumbtack in it. On the ride home and throughout the entire day, my left eye remained very, very blurry, only slightly better than when I was not wearing my glasses presurgery.

I went back for the checkup and the doctor told me everything was fine and sometimes the eyes take time to settle and fluctuations are normal.

It is now over a week later and if anything, my vision has gotten worse. I have to lean into my laptop right now just to see what I am typing. My left eye has a constant low, throbbing pain, regardless of drop use. Any attempts at reading, using a computer, or watching tv are giving me severe migraines. I am keeping driving to a necessary only basis. When trying to have a conversation with friends they tell me to stop giving them "crazy eyes", which is due to me shifting eye width and depth of focus just trying to give their face some sort of clarity. Night vision is completely shot. I still have half circles of keratits in both eyes that have shown no sign of dissipating. Even when I can "see" or "read" an object it is still extremely blurred and nothing has any sort of crispness. I can't do normal activities as my vision makes me feel like I am walking around drunk all the time.

Obviously concerned, I went back in yesterday for a check-up. After doing a refraction test, neither eye was correctable to 20/20 and my left could barely make out the 20/100 line. This leads me to believe that my vision is no longer correctable, even with glasses. Someone PLEASE tell me I am mistaken in this. He also told me to continue using Restasis. But with my crappy insurance, Restasis is $300 a month, on top of the boxes and boxes of artificial tears I am burning through. There is no way I can afford that. Hell, for that price I would much rather have just bought a new pair of designer frames every month for the rest of my life. The doctor said that my eyes are just really dry and gave me a few bottles of artificial tears to use, then sent me on my merry way. They are doing absolutely nothing.

I know his casual attitude should be instilling confidence, but instead its making me think that my issues are not being taken seriously. I am really frustrated with the whole process, which is rapidly turning into depression. There was always the possibility of needing a "touch-up", but if it was such a botched job the first time, what reason do I have to believe that a second round would fix anything? And if I do seek a touch-up, should I switch doctors and shell out thousands more dollars for a surgery that could theoretically do nothing? Everyone I talk to has had nothing but a positive experience with lasik. So no one seems to be able to empathize with my issues or offer any guidance. I really am worried that I have taken my crappy (but correctable with glasses) vision and traded it for a lifetime of blurriness, migraines, and bank-breaking eye drops.

I am looking for any sort of guidance here....

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