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Ciao all,
I looked for a good forum where to discuss my (bad for now) experience with ilasik surgery and finally i found this good forum so nice to know u all.

I had surgery on 13th december on both eyes with myopia: -700 and -725

I was anxious during the surgery and the procedure on my right eye was fast but in the left one i moved it often so it lasted a little bit more. Anyway, after finishing the doctor told me it was ok and i had no astigmatism.

The first week my sight was very blurry with halos starbusts as everyone (even if i could read things that i couldn't before).

After 1 week i had the control and the doctor told me everything was good (flap in particular) and i had 10/10 in my right eye and 7/10 in my left but astigmatism was found (075 in the left and 050 in the right). The problem is that my vision is really bad compared to the one i had with contacts or glasses before the procedure and it is affecting my normal life since i get tired after using the pc for more than 1/2 hours and driving during the night is a mess.

Today after 3 weeks my vision is very instable and somedays i see very bad from 1 eye the other one from the other. Above all my right eye (that was good the first days after the procedure) is always blurry.

During the night i have dry eyes and sometimes i also wake up since it bothers me so i have to use eye drops.

I am really worried from all this. My vision is really bad and i am sure i have myopia left even if the doctors are telling me to wait since the healing process is very low (i read all the useful info in the posts on this site) and the astigmatism could regress with the time. Yesterday i tried glasses from a a friend of mine with 1.00 of myopia in both eys and i was able to see much better!

Could it mean i still have myopia left? Do you think i could use the contacts in the next future?

Finally when can i start again to work out?

Thanks for your availabilities and i am sure that a lot of people with my experience could understand my worries.


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