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I had Lasik about 5 years at about age 40. I was told I was pretty much ideal candidate. I think my contacts at time were -3 or something like that. I could see close up fine but not far. I went through a local doctor who shipped me to metro area doctor that did the procedure. I had one touch up after the surgery on right eye but I have never been satisfied with the results. I now wear glasses again to watch TV and drive. At 15 feet I cannot read the program guide on my 60 inch HD TV at all. At 8 foot from 60 inch TV everything is blurry tell I put my glasses on.

Eye doctor talked about a touch up on right eye for about $500 using PRK and leaving left eye for close up. He gave me one contact for right eye to simulate what it would be like. I think the contact was like a -1. Weird. I can see pretty good distance with my right eye but with the contact but not as good as with the glasses and covering left eye. The weird thing is I cannot see anything close up with the right eye with contact in. My computer monitor is unreadable. It seems like right after I put contact in its not so bad but about 30 minutes later its terrible on anything close up. Seems to be double image. If I put my glasses on without the contact lens and cover my left eye I can see the computer monitor fine but I do feel some eye strain.

I went back to the local eye doc, he does not do lasik but sends me out of town for that, and he tried a different type contact etc. Did not seem to help. He did not think the lasik would effect how the contact works. He was supposed to get back to me on all this but has not.

Anyway, does any of this make sense to anyone? If I get PRK touch up on just right eye will it be just like wearing glasses with one of the lenses out which I am ok with or will it be like wearing the contact where the right eye is pretty much useless for up close and not quite as good as glasses for distance.

Also, if they do the PRK touch up will the burn the flap off in the process so I maybe have less dry symptoms in that eye or will the flap still be there?

I want to go on vacation in couple months and go scuba diving. Was hoping to get this resolved by then but doesn't look like it.

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