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It's pretty scary. Sometimes I would look like I have a lazy eye(it varies in both eyes. My right may look weaker, and vice versa in my left). At other times my pupils would look weak, and not coordinated (giving me the cross-eyed kinda look).

It varies throughout the day. When I have perfect vision my eyes appear normal and strong.

This only started a week ago. I have noticed when I look at the screen of my phone (or reading a book) this happens or just randomly throughout the day. Should I be concerned?

My eyes are consistently dry since the surgery. I always use eye drops.
I had LASIK surgery and had trouble with dry eye. I was told dry eye can be a side effect of the surgery. Tried Restasis a couple of times. That didn't work for me. Also tear duct plugs. Anyway, after about five years of trying different remedies I finally found a specialist who dealt with dry eye. She recommended fish oil capsules and a daily eyelid scrub. You can buy the eyelid scrub in the local pharmacy. They are individually wrapped wipes. Finally this seemed to work for me. I would talk to your eye surgeon as each case is different though.
Went to my optician today. She said that i have corneal distortion and that it's swollen. Eeek! It could eventually settle or I'll have to have it retouched/medication.

Consulting a lasik surgeon tomorrow.
Sorry to hear that. Good you sought professional advice and got it checked out. Hope all goes well with the visit to your surgeon.

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