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I did Lasik 3 days ago. I absolutely love it. I have extremely good vision now. I was -4.00 with moderate astigmatism. I still can't believe I can see so well. I now have high definition vision though my right eye still needs some improvement to match with left eye. I fortunately faced absolutely NO side effect. No halo, no starbrust, no dryness at all. I don't even feel that I just had a surgery. I hope my vision remains stable. I am afraid of long term risk of ectasia. Lasik removes tissue. If too much tissue is removed from eye the eye can become unstable but do you know how much is too much? How to minimize the risk of ectasia?

The surgeon who did the operation is very experienced cornea specialist. He is an eye surgeon with a cornea fellowship. I talked with him about this matter. He said my topography has absolutely no sign of Keratoconus. He used blade technology but the microkeratome he used for surgery is so advanced that it can make very precise thin flap. My flap is around 120 micron. He used Nidek machine for Excimer laser treatment. This machine removes less tissue compared to other machines. It was approved by FDA in 2006.

As I said I have NO side effect. Nothing but excellent vision. Should I continuously worry about Ectasia risk or should I just enjoy my life with great vision which I couldn't have even with glasses. Now everything is so crisp, so sharp.

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