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I had done LASIK eye surgery 50 days ago

Before surgery my left had -1.50 and right eye had -3.00

Five days after the surgery, I noticed that my left eye's vision was perfect. But right eye's vision was blurry when compared to the left eye. I went to the clinic on 6th day. The doctor who performed the surgery examined my flaps on the right eye and said that flaps are perfect and I should contine to see improvements. He asked me to come back after 3 months

I did a eye test (in a different clinic) at the end of 1 month. The result was Left eye was perfect (which I expected) and right eye had -0.50.

So, after the surgery, the right eye had come from -3.00 to -0.50

I did not develop any compilications till now. However my right vision is still blurry even after 50 days...I am regularly using the lubricating drops (Systane) which I was asked to do 4 times a day...

I am worried, if the right eye's -0.50 vision will stay as it is or will it continue to improve

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