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I had mine on Feb. 13th. It was outstanding vision the day after but my left eye went blurry 2 days after and fluctuates depending on the dryness level I have. Dr. said they don't look dry but I had plugs put in the lowers at 5 weeks and it helps but I'm at a computer all day so I think that is why I may have issues but not my choice...Have to work! If you have issues with the artificial tears, try another brand as long as they are preservative free. I suffered a week before switching to Systane Ultra. I thought it was the other prescription drops but it turned out I'm sensitive to stuff. I also found a nightime gel to help me sleep all night long. Gen Teal was not as thick as those other tube type and I have no issues the next day. I hope all is well for you and please post your progress here.

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