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I'm 5 1/2 weeks post Lasik. My left eye became blurry after a few days and my right has always been great after. At 1 month, seems the dryness became worse with me and my vision fluctuates more with this dryness. I can put in drops and see better in the left eye but only to a distance like from a chair to the TV. Outside, it is still a little blurry. The Dr. said I have .75 astigmatism left in that eye and he could not tell me why it was so clear the day after surgery then got worse. He also said my eyes do not look dry but that they treat symptoms and I told him to put in lower plugs to help. He put in the temp/3 month one's and it seems to help. I have read so much on the healing and the consensus seems to be that 6 months out, you should have a pretty good idea what you will end up with. My Dr. seems to think I'll always be a little blurry in my left but I can make it fluctuate with drops so I'm not so sure what to think for now. Just keep on top of the artificial tears and try and stay optimistic!
I know what you mean Susan! Those with the best vision I think are not telling the whole story. They also do not tell you they have fluctuations either. Every lasik person has them regardless so I think they just don't say that and the vision they have, at least in their opinion, has always been great from day one.

I still have a blurry left eye at 2 months out. The dryness is better now with the plugs in and the conclusion I found on the artificial tears was try and try and try until you get the brand that does not make your eye margins burn and itch! Seems I was causing inflammation by using the drops the Dr. recommended and in turn causing more dryness. I now use Systane Ultra. All the rest really were not comfortable in my eyes at all! They all have different ingredients so my suggestion to others would be to try the other brands (they all offer coupons on their web sites) until you get one that does not cause the burning, itching that comes as a bad reaction to the ingredients in them. I had no idea and thought it was just my eyes healing for that first week and I suffered needlessly.
Come to think of it....My vision was bad in the morning and when I quit using those other drops, found the Systane, my vision is great in the morning! If you are using a heavy drop for sleeping at night or it may be the brand, but it is worth a try to switch and see if it changes anything.

I'm going in next month for another follow up and I'll see if the left is going to stay this way. I wish you the best and post updates if you can!

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