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Hi! Not sure if you should base your decision on what others may have had happen to them as lasik is an individual thing when it comes to healing and all that goes with it. I had not dry eye that I know of as I never had it tested but the first 6 weeks post op, I did quite severely. I found the right drops for me that worked well and now I have less dryness but I'm 2 months out so I expect that to get better. It is hell dealing with it at first and the I would never had considered lasik if I had intolerance to contacts or any dryness at all prior. It was the single most deciding factor in my decision. If you are prone to depression, or feel you cannot live with anything other than the best outcome, lasik is not for you. Dryness is not the only factor either. We all have varying degrees of poor night vision after lasik. Can you deal with it if it is permanent? I told myself I could and I do as the day vision is great in one eye, the other is 20/30 so my outcome was less than satisfactory and I will try for a touchup in 8 months or so.
Just think on it carefully because once you take the leap, there is no going back. I think those that say they had great vision from the get go really are not diving into the details of the 1st year they had and a lot of this is left out of these stories. There are a lot of little things to deal with and if you are prepared to begin with, you can deal with the ups and downs but if it were me in your shoes, I would not do it. To risky and your happiness may just turn to something I would not want to contemplate.

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