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I haven't got my prescription glasses yet (they aren't ready) so I don't know how well they will help. My understanding is that surgeon's actually sometimes try to overcorrect patients, to a small degree, knowing that most people regress. It is when the overcorrection is much larger (like you and I) that is the problem. At this point, the surgeon's office can do nothing to assist - the regrowth of the cornea, and how it thickens, is out of everyone's control. Personally, I will never go under the laser again, even for an "enhancement" - if it went wrong once, I am too afraid it will go wrong again and my vision would be further impaired. I would rather wear glasses or contacts and see, then not.
To find out what happened, you need to see a second opinion - have your file copied and sent to another laser eye surgeon, or a very good optometrist, and have them go over it all with you. I am in the midst of all of that right now.

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