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The first 4-6 weeks after surgery it is not abnormal for your near vision to be poor and to seem to be overcorrected. This starts to improve over time. If you are still at that high of an overcorrection at 2 or 4 months then its time for concern. If you are moving in the right direction then its a good chance that at 6 months or a year you will be alot better. Prk takes longer for healing and swelling to go away. I had lasik (regrettably). I had the most trouble with near vision for about 5 weeks. I was at +.75 at the 2 month point which is still hard to see through but was an improvement. At 10 months both eyes were near plano on the nearsighted side.

I am at 15 months now. I do not know what the refraction is but near vision is decent now. One eye is better than the other. I am answering your post on my phone and its about 8 inches from my face and all is clear. There is no way I could have done this at 3 weeks after surgery.

I started out at -5.5 in both eyes.
[QUOTE=penny4luck;5281577]Hi all,
I had PRK surgery 3 weeks ago. My prior contact lens prescription was -7.50 in my left eye, and -6.00 in my right eye. I have been overcorrected by a LOT: I am now +3.00 in my left eye, and +1.50 or so in my right. I was told to stop the pred forte steroid drops, and to wear soft contact lenses which were supposed to help me see (they actually make it worse) and wait. I still have edema (swelling) that they say is also affecting things. They gave me the contacts, and booked a follow up appointment in one month. Well, I called that night to re-book because the contacts don't fit right and one doesn't seem to be the right prescription. I am SO scared, and panicked and depressed. I have three young kids, and a job that requires me to drive and use the computer all the time. I am using over the counter reading glasses in order to function right now, but given the difference in prescription between my eyes, it is difficult with those too. I drove today in the daytime, and was scared the entire time. Apparently I am 20/50 in my right and 20/40 in my left. It actually feels worse, but I don't know. So, my questions (some of many) are: is there any chance at all that this will regress? Will I ever get my vision back, even using some form of glasses or contacts? I don't care at this point, as long as I can see. I am so scared that I have ruined my life. Please help - any feedback from anyone who has/is going through a similar thing would be appreciated.[/QUOTE]
Hi Penny4luck,
I just did my PRK 2 weeks ago. I have similar situation. I have about +1.5 overcorrection in both eye and some haze on left. I am wearing reading glasses for computer work, but my distant vision is also not good. I have to wear reading glasses even for driving.
Just wonder if this is part of the normal recovery? How is your vision now? Have your overcorrection improve on its own?

Actually I feel my overcorrection has got worse from +1.25 on Day 9 to +1.5 to Day 14 now. My pre-surgery was -7.25 left and -7.0 right.

Please let me know if you have improved yet as I am getting very worried.
Hi there,

My next appointment is on May 15th, so I will know more then. From what I can tell, the most accurate prescription I have received is from my optometrist (not the surgeon's office). It is the astigmatism in my left eye mostly that is causing me my poor vision (plus the overcorrection, which is around +1.25 in both eyes). My surgeon's office said I had no astigmatism in my left eye, but it turns out I have more than I did prior to the surgery. I picked up my glasses that I had made at my optometrist office, and they help a LOT. If your eyes are different prescriptions, I would suggest spending the money to get prescription glasses made - it has made a big difference for me. I will be at the two month mark on May 20th. From my other consultants, I expect to be overcorrected forever (at least to some degree). It is awful. I spent well over $4,000 to still wear contacts and glasses. I will not get another procedure done though, as I don't want to lose the vision I have now - I don't want to risk any further loss in vision. You will improve over time, I am sure, but at +275 I would think your overcorrection will remain as well. Thing is, neither of us will know where we really are at until about a year's time, apparently.
My eyes are so dry in the morning that I could not open them without soaking them in artificial tears first. I was able to wear contact for 6-8 hrs or occasionaly full day once a while. That luxury is gone with prk, what a shame to my decision. I will advise nobody to do this kind of surgery from now on.

But sounds like your situation is not that bad. So you are just around +1.25 for both eyes. Perhaps they can go down to +0.75 or even +0.5, which would be acceptable in 2 more months.

Mine seems worse now as I feel (my doc is not telling me the real numbers) my left is around +1.0 with 1.0 astimatism and right may be +2.0/2.5. I have not felt any improvement for the past week and worried that there won't be any more. I have to wear my reading glasses almost all the time unless when I am doing nothing.
[QUOTE=penny4luck;5290983]I am still overcorrected - around +100 in my right, and +125 in my left eye (plus astigmatism in both). He ordered a different contact for my left, so we'll see - doesn't match my prescription I obtained from my optometrist though. He doesn't seem to want to recognize that one at all. How are you doing?[/QUOTE]

Hey, that sounds like you are back on track with recovery. I guess by end of Month 3 you should be under +100 for both eyes and maybe by 6 months, close to +50 or zero! Did your doc mention what is causing the astigmatism and will it go away?
My optometrist still insisted that I should stick with the generic drop plan, still 3 drops per day. He insisted it is normal for me to be +150 after 1 month. I hope I will be no more than +100 in the next 2 weeks.
But I am noticing something funny in the past few days. The shadow in my left eye by itself seems to get slightly less but the shadow becomes more with both eyes. I don't understand why. Is it an improvement or getting worse?
It took several months for my prescription to settle down fully - I had been about -10D in both eyes, by the six month mark I was -3D in one, a bit less in the other (maybe -1.5D?) with some astigmatism. Once it was stable, they made me a set of glasses to correct the myopia and astigmatism; I'll probably get the remaining undercorrection fixed later this year, at least in the worse eye. (Originally, I was pretty much helpless without glasses on; now, it's just bad enough to be irritating without glasses.)

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